Your mental health-Lets make a difference

I bet you must have met someone in the past few days complaining about lethargy. Others discussing sleeplessness and emotional instability. You may call it overburdened, stress or overthinking. But it is important to think about it. Sadly, even in 2020, we still think its a taboo to talk about mental health. We look upon a person with pitty visiting a psychologist. Let’s remove this taboo. We all have to change for a better future. Let’s discuss some common mental issues today.


Depression is a common mental health problem these days. You are depressed if you feel like losing interest in something, sadness or feeling of sadness. Fortunately, it is treatable and 80% of the people usually respond positively.

How to improve?

Many things can help you improve your mental health including change in lifestyle, regular exercise and eating a healthy meal. Besides that, medication helps you in improving within weeks.

Anxiety disorders

Anxiety is a feeling of unknown fear accompanying unease and worried. We all have gone through anxiety at some point in life. Some can easily cope with it while others feel it a bit difficult. It may start even from single examination stress.

How to improve?

Coping anxiety is a self-help task. You need to do regular exercise, distraction from things bothering you and lessen the amount of caffeine. Moreover, medication can also help you by changing your brain chemistry.

Bipolar disorder

Change in mood is normal but is worrying if it has a big impact on life. If you feel the extreme in your low and high moods you might be going through bipolar disorder. Nothing to worry about, its symptoms can be reduced as well.

How to improve?

Proper counselling is the best way to treat bipolar disorder. Mood stabilizers are commonly used to treat this mental issue which helps in attaining good mental health. Special support from family and friends helps a lot in boosting good results.

Eating disorder:

Although eating term is less related to mental health but is a big issue in the world of mental illness. It is an unhealthy eating habit. It may result in death if not controlled on time. Personality traits like perfectionism may result in this mental health problem.

How to improve?

The mode of improvement depends on the type of eating disorder. Usually, it is a combination of counselling, nutritionist expert and medical aid. An organized approach of an eating disorder can help to overcome its symptoms.

We all need to take an active part for awareness and improvement of our mental health. Not only for ourselves but for our loved ones. Nothing is scarier than watching your loved ones fighting for basic health needs.

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