“Health is wealth” we all have heard this quote thousands of times in our lives and most of the people in the world want to become rich, richer, and richest, but very few want to become healthy. Strange, but true. A recent survey was conducted on the USA population, and the majority agree that they can not live without having a hamburger and coke daily. Moreover, they take it at dinner, whereas science says something different.

Benefits of Healthy Diet:

Before the prevailing facts of a healthy diet, we’ll talk about a healthy diet and, most importantly, why it’s called health is wealth. So a healthy diet is a balanced diet. Now, what is a balanced diet? A diet that consists of all the macro and micronutrients necessary for our body with their appropriate portion. I’ll simplify it for you. The body needs carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and, most essentially, water to be fit and fine. However, the portion and quantity are the next things to be considered. Our diet should be consist of 45-60% of carbs, 25-30% of proteins, 15-30% of fats, 1-3 liters of water, and a vital amount of minerals and vitamins.

Now, what’s the problem with junk food or deep-fried food? They do not fulfill the portion quantity. Furthermore, they are enriched in carbs, fats, and cholesterol but deficient in vitamins. In contrast, healthy food, including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, milk, curd, a moderate quantity of white meat, fulfills our daily requirements of the body by which our immune system strengthens.

We stay away from fatal diseases. Although junk foods are delectable and appetizing, they are not good for our brains, hearts, skin, and gut. They reduce immunity to combat severe diseases and also delay wound healing and hair growth. It is a major cause of acne and skin-related disorders for that we have to spend a huge amount of money on medicine and treatment.

Lastly, how health is wealth? Eating a healthy diet and a moderate amount of daily exercise shows an increase in an individual’s life expectancy. In contrast, junk food is a major cause of premature death rate, proven by research conducted in Australia. Daily exercises and proper diet help mood elevation and enhance the feeling of worthiness in depressed and unhappy individuals. Moreover, eating junk food and causing indigestion, acidity, insomnia, cancer, obesity, and many more are the main causes of sick leaves.


Concluding my arguments, if we eat well we’ll live well, fewer leaves from work lead to more progress and progress leads to a successful life, and if we have wealth with good health, what else we want. Living a healthy life is not a dream or a fantasy. In our hands, we have to modify a few things and incorporate healthy food and exercises in our daily lives to keep our body free of illnesses and live a happy and vibrant life.

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