Why do we have Whatfinger News? Is it similar to Drudge Report?

Various news sources are collected on Whatfinger News. On the site, visitors can read opinion pieces and articles on current events along with various other types of content. There are no distracting menus on Whatfinger, which makes it different from other sites.

Whatfinger News also includes user-generated commentary on occasion in its feed in addition to traditional media sources (such as CNN), which makes it more interesting for those looking for more than just “hard” facts about politics and international affairs.

Top Stories and Niche Topics are the main sections on our homepage. We supply mainstream news stories straight from top news sources. Based on the user’s preferences and Facebook likes, Whatfinger has narrowed down the Niche Topics section.

It also offers users the option of adding new news sources, which is particularly useful for those who wish to find sources outside of the mainstream.

Whenever you click on an article, it will take you to a new page containing just that article.
There is nothing else clogging up your screen or preventing you from navigating. It eliminates ad interruptions and other distractions so that reading articles becomes easy.”

Do Whatfinger sites spread fake news?

Many people ask this question, and the answer is not so straightforward. It has been alleged that Whatfinger is a fake news site because it often posts inaccurate and politically biased content. However, this does not always occur.

On Whatfinger.com, most of the articles are accurate or at least approach their topics unbiasedly. Is that enough? Do you think Whatfinger is fake news? Despite its frequent posting of biased content and inaccurate information for agenda-driven purposes, Whatfinger is not a fake news site because it posts articles with valid information. However, it has been accused of being a fake news site for promoting a political agenda by posting such content.

Whatfinger doesn’t always provide accurate or unbiased information about its topics, as there are plenty of articles that do.

Are There Any Differences Between What Finger and The Drudge?

Mike Patrick Leahy, an author and talk show host from the Pacific Northwest, launched Whatfinger in February of 2017 as a conservative news and opinion website. On the other hand, Matt Drudge’s Drudge Report was launched in 1995 as a site to track developments in entertainment and politics. The difference between Whatfinger and The Drudge is that we cover a wider range of issues, so we go beyond just the political news.

How does Whatfinger compare to The Drudge?

If you don’t live in the U.S. or have limited access to American news sites like CNN or Fox News, what do you recommend as an alternative to The Drudge? Using the layout of The Drudge Report, Whatfinger gathers content from all over the web and presents it in one place.


You can access Whatfinger as an alternative to Drudge. There are conservative viewpoints on this site, as well as the same news style as Drudge.

It might be worthwhile to check out this site if you want more than just liberal articles on your homepage. To find out what they’ve been up to lately, you can read some of their headlines below.

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