WhatsApp ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature decoded: How it works?

Whats app dispersing messages, a new feature decoded by whats app company. In this technology world, every digital content brings creative features like iPhone. Every year Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or iPhone changes their features. They just put their creative minds in technology and bring new filters. Today, Whats-app has introduced its new feature called ”Whatsapp Disappearing messages”. This is the huge achievement for the Whatsapp to make easy low privacy level.

Disappearing messages means your chat or other person’s chat disappeared. This is not a new app who launched this but Telegram, a wire signal encrypted messages without any time limit. But in Whatsapp, your messages will be disappeared within 7 days. After 7 days your chat has completely gone.

Why Whatsapp launched this feature??

In company interview they said: ”It will create a peaceful mind, fewer anxiety issues. People can speak freely without any boundary issues. After 7 days your all data blew out and you will free”. 2 billion users activated this option.

Your Whatsapp photos videos have also been disappeared. Whether its individual chat or group’s chat it will wipe out after 7 days. If disappearing messages option is on, then from your chat to media files everything will vanishes. But your photos will be saved if your auto-download mode is on.

How is WhatsApp’s disappearing message feature different?

As we said, Whatsapp is not only in this game. Telegram also worked like that but their time duration is different. In the telegram, it ranges from a few seconds today or to even a week.

This wire signal works from 10 seconds to four weeks for disappearing messages. But Whatsapp doesn’t have this option. It set the exact time then after that your Whatsapp is cleared out.

 How will disappearing messages work? 

This Whatsapp disappearing messages installed in all Whatsapp supported devices like Androids, iOS, Linux-based KaiOS devices, also with WhatsApp Web and Desktop option.

Before activation is an option your previous chats will remain in your chat box but after that, it’ll wipe. If you take screenshots or copy your messages then it will remain saved. And if you trying to backup your messages with disappearing messages than with backup plan it doesn’t work.

1. Switch on disappearing option
  • Open your Whatsapp chat
  • Select your contact’s name
  • Select the disappearing messages
  • If provoked, select continue option
  • Select on.
2. Switch off disappearing option
  • After disabled, sent messages will no longer disappear
  • Select your contact’s name
  • Select the disappearing messages
  • If provoked, select continue option
  • Select off.

Whatsapp payment system:

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