I think the answer is Religion. In today’s world, grownups, even children, are attracted to the worldly aspect of life. People may read more books, enjoy parties,  practice social equity and empathy. Yet, they struggle with a  lack of confidence,  social anxiety,  depression,  and other issues like that. And one of the reasons for this to happen is that our generation is drifting away from religion.

Islam remains not just a  religion to practice on holidays,  religious days,  and some specific events. It  provides  us  with  a  ‘complete  code  of  life.’ Every matter of politics to a  family is discussed and explained very well in  Islam.

The last  Prophet (PBUH) provided us with the examples needed to implement the codes of Islam. There are many factors for this distance that the very next generation will be experiencing. First is the unmonitored use of social media at an extremely recent age.

Curiosity is a gift from  God to humans. As a result of this curiosity, we have now explored the universe to its very length from the  Earth to the moon and now to  Mars. But if not controlled or supervised, this curiosity leads to many problems.

The young mind cannot understand the now available knowledge on the internet so easily, just a   click away. When uncensored material gets in the hand of a teen or even a child, he/she wants to experience it. This causes many problems, like rape, alleged assault, an increase in abortions and orphans, suicides, depression,  mental health problems, and much more.

The  2nd  factor, which is leading to such ignorance is materialism. Everyone is engaged in gaining more and more wealth and focusing on gaining success in this world only. If someone practices religion and advice others to do so, he/she is shamed and called derogatory names like  ‘Molvi’s,’ ‘Mulla’s,’ etc.

Parents make the children recite the Quran, but they are frantically busy in providing them with luxuries (which will merely help them in this life and not the hereafter) and not assist them in grasping the true meaning of those verses, which leads the children not to implement them in their everyday life. Parents think that worldly education is enough for their children to survive out here. Still, they forget that  Islam is beautifully connected to our routine lives. One always finds some mentors who he/she can look up to.

People today are so busy becoming entrepreneurs,  influencers, engineers,   doctors, lawyers’   that we have so much fewer mentors for   Islamic   Teachings(3rd factor). Moulvis lack the worldly knowledge of science; thus, they spread their meaning of the Quran and  Islamic awareness. They couldn’t connect the two of them,  Islam and life.

This lack helps other imposters spread their own agenda-based teachings, which further divide them into sects. A layman doesn’t recognize who to follow and what to expect of life just because they are misguided. The verses’ meaning is altered and fed to the people, which contributes further to the hatred and divided concepts of the teachings.

The environment in  Madrassas also intimidates a  child to distance him/herself from the  Quran and  Sunnah. No proper learning method is used. Children feel like something is imposed on them, and their interest is not developed.

Muslims, especially in  Pakistan, are divided into many sects (4th  factor). This also discourages  Muslims from learning their religion or be involved in  Islamic activities. A  community, when divided, loses its realistic vision.

Pakistan recently went through the Shia genocide. All ignorance and being distant from Allah led to this horrific incident when Islam teaches us to respect differences among each other and be gentle and soft towards fellow  Muslims and other people in general.

A person having the true knowledge of the Quran’s teachings would never have participated in such a thing. To conclude,  these issues will continue to prevail,  and our coming generations would become negligent in terms of  Religion. These issues can be resolved through better schooling, a strong education system  – one which concentrates on Islamic teachings and scientific knowledge, better Islamic learning centers.

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