What is WOODY BREAST SYNDROME? How does it work?

WOODEN Chicken means the meat is chewy and hard to eat. It’s a metabolic genetic abnormality that is transferred from one to a different. Wooden breast syndrome mostly affects the broiler chicken, rendering their pectoral muscles.

If muscles are strong then the chicken is robust and the other way around. Many reactions happen in our body and other living organisms like chicken. During this fast and contemporary world, we do experimenting so face their disasters like in broiler chicken we did.


Fat accumulates within the breast muscle tissues. The muscles mostly depend upon the working of sugar not on the metabolization of lipids but during this syndrome, the abnormal metabolization of fat is made Lipoprotein is that the “door guard” within the muscle that checks the entering amount of fat muscles. In step with the researchers that when more fat is oxidized within the breast tissue of chickens, the reason behind the excessive release of atom molecules that might modify (damage) fats and proteins within the muscle. It forms white lines within breast chicken meat.


If we eat more chicken the more we affected. sometimes it affected our hormonal balance. it causes diabetic cardiomyopathy, cardiac diseases.

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