What is Artificial Intelligence? shocking benefits and risks of AI | 2021

Artificial intelligence is a significant field of computer science. Since the development of digital computers, it has always had attention and popularity among computer scientists. It is the ability of digital programmed machines to function as an intelligent being. The field concentrates on developing robots that process human-like qualities and characteristics, such as the ability to think, reason, search for meaning, standardize, or learn from experience.

There are two types of Artificial intelligence.

The field arises many queries, but is it possible to make something that can have the ability to self-control itself and adopt intelligence as human? Yes, computers can program to perform complex tasks such as solving mathematical problems or playing chess. You must have played those chess games on mobile against a robot. Still, there are no yet programs that match humans’ intelligence. But the AI professionals have developed some programs that provide human-level services. We can say artificial intelligence has a limit, like medical diagnosis, computer search engine, voice recognition, and autopilots.

Artificial intelligence development
Artificial intelligence development

Artificial Intelligence is said to have many positive benefits in our day-to-day life. But as it is making a machine capable to auto-learn or feel it would have negative emotions too and technical errors that are quite risky. So let’s talk about some crucial advantages and disadvantages of Artificial intelligence.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

  • One of the main benefits of AI is that it would compose of low error rate as compared to if programmed. They would be consistent, accurate, and fast
  • Will function in place of humans in the continuous, tedious task and in many labor places that are dangerous for a human
  • They aren’t affected by the change in the environment nor need any specific habitat. like exploring outer space, mining and digging fuels in areas that might be hostile for humans
  • Well organized, data-oriented, and keeps a record
  • They know what a user will search or like to do. They may end up to be great assistants like auto accounting software, autopilot, and smartphones
  • AI can deduct any theft and credit card frauds
  • are capable of interacting with humans to entertain them
  • Can program to be logical which may not domain emotions
  • Can use to assess humans in fields like medical and physiological problems
  • They don’t need sleep or get tired as they don’t have feelings Artificial Intelligence machines program for a specific purpose

These benefits of AI are one of the reasons people intend to have immense interest in this subject of computer science.

Now let’s take a look at the risks of Artificial Intelligence.

Risks of Artificial Intelligence

  • It will be expensive and time-consuming to create, repair, or program.
  • Large storage is also expensive
  • Some queries like is it ethical to have human-like robots or recreate intelligence
  • AI cant receive creativity as of humans with the technology perception
  • They cannot work for tasks other than the ones they program to. which may lead to either unfinished tasks or reframing to learn a new one
  • It is hard for them to meet common sense as humans even if coded
  • Robots will replace jobs leaving many people unemployed. unless if human fix the unemployment with AI jobs yet again every one won’t be able to learn such complex factors
  • Humans will become more dependent on AI and lose their mental capacity
  • Machines can get controlled and lead to distraction if accessed by the wrong hands. The fear of humans knowing about AI has.
  • AI can surpass humans, enslaving us


Why Is It Important to Know What Artificial Intelligence (AI) is? After getting to know the benefits and risks of Artificial Intelligence. we all must realize its importance. As it is crucial to learn, what we are going to deal with. Without knowing about AI, we will have to face immense difficulties. One of the biggest is we won’t be able to contribute to this fast-growing world.

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  1. Wow that is really good benefits of artificial intelligence.All those features solved.This will revolutionilise the way world problems will be solved in easy and fast ways.

  2. Without a doubt, artificial technology is one of the good things that this century brings, one of the great benefits of artificial technology is the help it gives us to do things that perhaps imply Risk to us.

  3. This article gives GLIMPAGE of AI technology which is it self very vast benefits of Artificial Intelligence is it lessen human efforts and makes less errors .

  4. On the other hand, I found everything related to neural networks and bionic systems exciting. It seems incredible that a machine can reproduce typically human functions.

  5. I think there are lots of benefits of artificial intelligence, because it works with us everyday.
    But maybe, in a future, we will have too much robots or similar that work at our place.

  6. AI help people to give consistent, accurate, and fast data more than using a human. also, it help people to save time and use it to more efficient things.


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