The world of online shopping

Tell me when the last time you clicked on ads for online shopping? Especially during a pandemic. Groceries, books, clothes, household, and other supplies are supposed to be at our door, and it happened easily.

These days, scoots have made it easier to even get a half dozen eggs to our doorstep within an hour. 2020 pandemic has not only changed the trend of shopping but increased its growth as well. It has been said that the pandemic has increased the online shopping adaptation by two to three years. The e-commerce sales jumped up to 48%, led by grocery shopping.

Another reason for this jump is the merchants offering online shopping. They are taking benefits from social distancing. Statistics of online shopping: While looking at the statistics, we got to know that women shop more than men. The difference between their shopping is that women go for clothing and accessories, whereas men mostly go for heavy-duty items. If the same behaviour persists, e-commerce is supposed to increase by up to 23%. Let’s look at some advantages and disadvantages of online shopping.


• There is no place in the world where you can shop at midnight without any hesitation except for online shopping. You don’t have to wait for long lanes till tilt; you don’t have to drive through the malls, you don’t have to make plans or vice versa. Just open websites and click.

• Pricing is a big attraction of online shopping as most of the stuff comes directly from the manufacturers. Moreover, many websites give coupons or discounts too.

• As per my experience, you find a lot of variety in online shopping stocked up at a place on a single click. Easy for those who hate wandering in aisles to find a single pair of socks.

• How could I forget about sending gifts to the loved ones without any excuse for a busy schedule or traffic problem in big cities? You have easy ways to bring a smile on the face just by sending gifts to their doorstep.

• If you are a person who compares prices a lot, forget about going to different places and wasting time. The online shopping world has made it easy for you; you can easily compare prices and even get reviews about any product easily.

• Time is money these days. So the biggest benefit you can take from online shopping is saving your time.


• People these days are less environmentally friendly as they do online shopping and don’t interact with people.

• It’s a messy world where you are at risk of getting something exactly what is shown in the picture. It is, no doubt, risky. You have no idea what you are getting

• Returns can be complicated in some cases. Most of the companies are doing good, but some can fraud you easily.

• It would not be good for local retailers if all things go for online shopping.

Online shopping has become the king of shopping with the advent of the internet era. The computer world has changed the concept of online shopping, and the advantages are more than disadvantages. We need to be just a little cautious about the online company, which can easily be done through public reviews.

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