The rise in women entrepreneurship

A lot of women started their ventures as entrepreneurs in Pakistan during the pandemic. It is really a big thing to be appreciated. Starting from selling home-made food and leading as a trader worldwide is a giant step for the whole of womankind. And without a doubt, they have proved themselves as equally intelligent and creative compared to the other women across the world. They are not only running their businesses but supporting other women as well. Big cheers for all such entrepreneurs!!!

The major reasons why they didn’t take this step of entrepreneurship before including the lack of support, low finances, and fear of failure. It is a pity to see the gender-wise loan gross of State Bank of Pakistan showing a 3% loan quota for women and 97% to men. Similarly, the micro-finance percentage is 19% for women and 81% for men. And the issues a woman has to face while opening a bank account without his father or husband is another chapter. Some women say social, cultural, and religious factors also play a role in their first step in entering a job or entrepreneurship.

But with time, the thinking for working women and businesswomen are changing. Women have proved themselves stronger than in people’s mindset. They have taken leaps and struggled hard to prove themselves. Even a homemaker is managing a business, too, staying at home and working online. This whole scenario has changed the world’s conception of women entrepreneurship.

Not only middle-aged women but students took leaps to start their own business as they faced part-time job cancellations.  They started to emerge officially to the world as businesswomen. They felt a sense of financial stability and confidence. Some teenage girls started an online business of packaging gifts, and some started YouTube video streaming with perfect earnings.  There is no doubt that the lockdown gave the women to boost their inner courage and started working beyond their expectations.  

Apart from that, the freelancing world has given a big platform for women to work from home. They are taking advantage of their education while staying at home during the lockdown. Mothers have also taken benefits from spending time with their kids as well as doing successful business ventures. The pandemic situation leads to so many depressing situations, but such success stories must be taken as motivation. No doubt, their family members are also supportive in helping them manage home chores and business models successfully.

Summing up all discussion, women entrepreneurship has taken a giant leap during this pandemic showing new horizons and emerging in-born talents in many women. The time spent at home and financial crises pushed them to start their small ventures and support other women. Online teaching has also been adopted by many women to earn their living even some started online schools and home schools.  They are build trust and show success stories leaving behind cultural norms and excelling as entrepreneurs.

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