The Obedience of children made them rich

The Wise MonsteršŸ‘¾

Once upon a time, a monster who can speak and can understand things of others. He was fond of collecting precious things and gold. He lived on a big old tree branch and buried his treasure.

One day, an old lady coming into the jungle with her four young children. Her children were very obedient to her as she was a very warm-hearted and kind woman, raising her children with good deeds. They come to take a rest at the same tree where the monster lives. The monster has seen what was happening.

The lady ordered her first child to take the stone for the stove, second to take water, third to take wood for the fire, and the fourth one to take out a big pot from their luggage. Her children immediately follow her order and put a big pot on the fire to boil water, but they have nothing to cook. They were boiling water.

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Monster seeing this, he thought that how much the children are obedient to her. He said: Hello!! Lady. The lady looks at him, but she didn’t afraid of him. The monster said: Why are you boiling water? Rather you have nothing to cook? What will you cook in it? She replied: we will cook for you!! The monster was frightened because her children were very obedient. That’s why he thought they would follow her order, and after killing him, they should cook him.

He was afraid of death, so he said to the lady: Don’t cook me, there is some treasure buried near the tree. When they dug, they found the treasure, so they take it.

Go back to their village. The monster was happy that they left the jungle. In fact, the lady was feeble; they even don’t have anything to eat. The obedience of her children made them a billionaire.

When they become rich, a neighbor of the lady comes to their house and asks why they become rich. The lady doesn’t want to tell her; she only tells that we become rich with hard work, but the lady did not believe it; at last, she tells what actually happens. The next day, the lady took her children and sat under the same tree. The monster was silently looking at them.

The lady orders her first child to go and take some stones, but he replied rudely: What you will do with the stones, do you want to put into your head?? The lady ordered her second child to take wood for the fire, but he replied: Why do you want to make a fire? Do you want to burn in the fire?? The lady ordered her third to take water, but he replied: What you want to do with water? Do you want to drove in the water?? On this, the monster laughs at them.

He frightened them to go away from here, the lady who took the treasure, have obedient children and deserve the treasure. The lady feels very ashamed and goes away from the jungle.

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