The monster of childhood fear


Fear is an emotion we seldom talk about. We don’t ask about it, but we all have some hidden fears which are silent inside us. But talking about it can help our kids be cautious. As elders, we need to help our kids overcoming that monster’s fears. We need to teach them to manage their emotions healthily and positively. We are supposed to tell them that it’s ok to have some fears.

Fear of failure:

Most kids don’t struggle because of the fear of failure. Tell them it’s ok to be in the second position, and it’s ok to be at last too. The main thing is what they did ‘try.’ Trying for a position itself is a great thing.

Social fears:

Some kids are afraid of gatherings and socializing. We need to identify why it is so. They might have some problems while coping with the rules, or they might be afraid of some embarrassing situation that happened before. Give them some soothing words. Tell them every day is different but be their friend if something unusual is happening to them. Tell them you are always here for them.

Separation anxiety:

Some kids are afraid of separation from parents, friends, and teachers. They feel anxious and distress while going away from home or while moving to a new school. All this is normal but must be dealt with in a good way.

Afraid of the dark:

Fear of darkness is widespread at a young age. This, in turn, makes bedtime fearful. They might be afraid of scary dreams, dim light, or fear of being alone. This monster’s fear can also be overcome by talking to the children positively and keeping communication open for them.

How can we help children?

Talk, talk, and talk. The strategy needs to be adopted to let our kids feel at home. We should offer ourselves to them as a person with whom they can discuss their fears. Just for a moment, go back to your childhood, what you wanted to share with whom.

Your parents were the most convenient reachable people you could share anything with. Isn’t it? So lend your ears to your kids, let them share everything with you. Don’t scold them for silly things.

Enjoy their mistakes with them. Tell them you are always available to help to overcome their fears. Remind your kids the quote ‘life doesn’t happen to you; it happens for you’ in this way, they will feel special and try to overcome their fears.

They will let their inside hidden powers to fight with the fears. With the right mindsets, they will be able to live confidently and overcome their fears. We need to tell them not a single successful person is there in the world who had not overcome any obstacle in life and to be successful and brave, the monster of fear needs to be killed at first. We need to remind them that everyone is adapted to change so changing themselves not bring any negative thing in them but positive.

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  1. Talking with your child is the best thing you can do to make them feel home and easy. Definitely agree with all you have written. Good work. Keep it up!


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