The best SANKOM Socks Review | Side Effects | 9 FAQs

Are you planning to go for a long walk or have a flight? Take Sankom patent socks having structural compression and soft heels and toes, along. Revolutionary designed Sankom socks are best suitable for proper circulation in the knees and comfort of heels. So, if you are going for a walk or have an exhausting flight in hand, wear these socks to make your journey comfortable. Let’s dive into the article of Sankom socks review to know more about them.

Special features of Sankom Patent Socks:

SANKOM Socks Review | Side effects | FAQs
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These socks, having revolutionary design, are medically proved compression socks that reduce the effects of venous disruption. Sankom socks are patented and proved by Swiss doctors.

Hypo Allergic in nature:

These socks are incredibly invaluable, for people suffering from poor circulation, varicose veins, tired legs, swollen ankles, or feet sensitivity. As these socks are highly hypo-allergic, they do not cause skin allergy under any conditions.

Gradual Compression lines:

Sankom Patent Socks have 4 gradual compressions lines that can be pulled one after the other line. This pull improves blood circulation resulting in the removal of negative consequences of low blood pressure in the knees.

Breathable Fabric:

Generally, the fabric is breathable and washable. First, as the fabric is breathable, these socks are best for athletes and sportsmen who can wear them all-day.  Second, these socks are moisture-resistant and machine washable, so these socks dries up quickly.

Easy to wear and take off:

 Unlike other compression stockings, Sankom Compression Socks are easier to put on and take off, by flipping inside out and rolling them up.

Things to keep in mind while buying Sankom Socks:

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying is your foot size and calf circumference. These socks come in two calf widths. Always measure your calf circumference before buying.

Sankom socks composition.

The fabric composition is 64% nylon, 15% cotton, 14% elastane, 7% polyester.

Pros of Sankom Socks:

These socks are best suitable for:

  • Everyday wear
  • Exercises
  • Flights and long journeys
  • All-day leg load
  • Driving and sitting in the office
  • Preventing  venous problems
  • Active stepwise compression
  • Reducing swelling and eliminating the feeling of heavy legs
  • Supplying energy to tired and sore legs
  • Improving blood circulation

Sankom Patent Socks are a combination of innovative designs and fine and breathable material. Its innovative-function results in an excellent wearing experience, unique targeted compression, and the best quality.

Cons of Sankom Socks:

  • Not suitable for patient of peripheral neuropathy
  • If worn inappropriately, can cause serious health issues
  • Not recommended for malnourished patients with thin and brittle skin

Sankom socks size chart:

  • Size 1: 5-7 US | 35-38 EU
  • Size 2: 8-10 US | 39-42 EU
  • Size 3: 11-14 US | 43-47 EU


Can you wear Sankom Socks during sleeping?

No, you cannot wear them while sleeping, because these socks exert high compression which can disrupt the blood flow in a still position.

Can I wear Sankom Socks during flight?

Yes, Sankom socks give extra comfort to your lower legs during the flight. As you are sitting for a long time, these socks provide maximum circulation in your knees.

How can I see the size of the socks according to my calf circumference?

The size of the socks are mostly on the sticker besides the barcode on the box packaging.

Can I wear these socks on injured legs?

If your leg injury is not healed, then do not wear these socks without consulting your doctor. What we recommend is, talk to your doctor before wearing these socks in case of a leg injury.

How can I wear Sankom Socks?

Follow the steps below:

  • Flip the socks and align the tip of the socks to your ties.
  • Pull the socks towards your knees passing through the ankle.
  • Make sure to not leave any folding at the top of the socks after wearing them.
  • Adjust the socks accordingly to feel more comfortable.

Can we buy the socks that go above the knees?

Usually, these socks go up to the knees, but it depends upon your calf circumference.

Can you wear compression socks with socks?

If your doctor recommends you to wear compression socks below socks, then you can wear them. You can wear socks, shoes, or slippers over compression socks. If your doctor does not recommend this combination, then avoid it because it can cause poor oxygenation in legs.

What is the difference between compression socks and regular socks?

Both compression and regular socks differ only in one aspect. The compression socks fit tight around the legs while regular socks are loose against the skin.

How long is it safe to wear these socks?

It depends on your needs. If a person has a poor oxygenation problem, then he should avoid wearing socks too long. Moreover, some people can wear them for a whole day as long as it suits their skin.


Buy more than one pair of Sankom Patent Socks. If one pair is in cleaning condition or goes missing, you always have a second pair to wear.

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