The Best iPhone APPS- IOS Applications/iPhone and Android, 2020 ultimate guide


Everything is ios? How does it work? Are ios used in all mobile devices? How many applications in it? What is the difference between ios and android phones? Are ios applications safe for us? Today’s technology is compatible with ios devices? So many questions are just flooded up in our minds when we learn technology or we want to buy a new mobile. Everyone loves mobiles those who have different features.

IOS-iPhone OS (iPhone operating system) manufactured by IOS runs only on iPhone devices like iPods, iPads, Apple TV. It has 2 million applications in the Apple store app. It works smartly and no chances of hang up. Every year Apple Company brought numerous carves in their iPhone designs and applications. In 2007 Steve jobs first introduced iPhone and it contained its downloading apps and other applications, no third party app installed in it. Apple itself designed hardware and software on this device. They have command on it. That’s why everyone loves to have the iPhone in their hands.

HOW does IT work?

Its working is different from other mobile operating devices. All the applications are enclosed in its protective shells and they do not harm other applications. One fail app doesn’t affect to the other app. The major benefit of it. It is multitasking. We can split-screen into two halves. In settings go to the general icon and now click the multitasking and dock. After that, if the toggle is green then it is active or if not then slide to the right side .then on the search bar. Write what you want to watch and then hold for seconds, then split in it after it grabs the split-screen to side. Now enjoy the multitasking feature.

benefits of IOS applications (iPhone OS)
  1. Airdrop: Airdrop allows you to share media between supported iOS and macOS device. We can easily share pictures, videos, or any data from one mobile to another by using airdrop but both users have an apple mark. Wi-Fi isn’t necessary for it.
  2. Security and Privacy: iPhone runs on the ios operating system. iPhones are smooth. Very low chances of heating up and hang problems other than android mobiles. When we go out for mobile shopping our question is about the security of the mobiles/iPhones we gonna use. Apple uses a technique called sandboxing. This means, essentially, that every app runs in its own walled-off space (a “sandbox”) where it can do what it needs to, but can’t interact with other apps or, beyond a certain threshold, with the operating system. This means that even if an app did have malicious code or a virus in it that attack couldn’t damage other apps.
  3. No bloatware: Unwanted software or apps present on mobile is bloatware. In the iPhone case, no bloatware happens (no extra useless software encounter by manufacture.) other than Samsung android mobile.
  1. App market: App Store and google play store are in a very great war of investment and accessibility. Google play store is easily accessible to the users and we can download apps free most of the time but in the case of App store, most of the time apple users download paid apps. In iPhone OS approval process can be long and drawn rather than in the Android Google play store.
  2. Siri: Siri is a Google assistant for artificial intelligence. I think this is the best app in iPhones. Let a sneak-peek into it. Easy to use. We can only use our voice for the operating iPhones and for disable persons it is very best. Siri completes all the task what you assign with your voice. It types and searches every app for your like, imessage, map, dial number, etc.


1. Apple makes computers, tablets, and watches along with the iPhone, it offers things that mostly not use tablets.In android, it is the opposite.
2.Early iPhones needed to recharge their batteries every dayAndroid can deliver a device that works much better than on an iPhone in a single charge
3.In iPhones, there are pre-installed apps you don’t need to have an installing issueIn the androids system, you need to install the app and there are other useless apps present
4. Apples have a proprietary lightning port to connect to other charger or cable attach with it.In androids, the USB cable is connected. Most of the people are more likely to have a USB handy cable/charger.


The war between iPhone and Android users is never-ending. Different people have different tastes and choices. Some people will value hardware choice more, while others will care more about battery life or mobile gaming. But the iPhone is the second selling mobiles in the world. due to the IOS system make it very beneficial and easy to use. Both platforms offer are good choices for different people. You’ll need to decide what features are most important to you and then choose the phone that best meets your needs. In the end, don’t think what others say about it because the iPhone is the iPhone and it has its charm.

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