The 6 Stunning Prediction about how 2021 will be

The blog is a study on the 6 stunning prediction about 2021; before that, we will discuss an overview of 2020

Overview of 2020:

Stunning predictions

Don’t you feel lucky enough to pass 2020 safely? Take time and be very grateful to God that saved you from any standoff situations this year. The road of 2020 was rough, tough, full of harsh memories, the toll of deaths, economical downfalls, recessions, new normal, abnormal climate, work from homes, uncertain events, and very unpredicted drastic changes that the world ever witnessed. Several years pass but 2020 was something different. Perhaps, 2021 could bring even more surprises.

Nobody predicted 2020 the way it came out to be. We have been cursing 2020 a lot. But the actual dread arises in December 2019. Yes, I am talking about the actual outbreak of Covid-19 in china. Till then, the world hasn’t back to life now.

If it wasn’t about the global pandemic, 2020 could have been one of the most vital years in the world economy. Due to slow growth from 2018 to 2019. The rate of world GDP falls from 3.6% to 3.3%. The Dubai expo could bring huge exposure in the world. It had the potential to gather the billion-dollar trade between countries. The business could have been skyrocketing till now. Instead, a pandemic happened and the economy hit the rock bottom.

2020 turned out to be the surprise package. Nobody saw that coming. But guess what? 2020 was just the beginning, some of the real business is about to start in 2021. 2020 was just the trailer with a bunch of glimpses that how one pandemic could cause uncertain events. Now 2021 will be an actual movie on the post-pandemic situation (in case vaccine arrives).

Since it is almost the time of year where we say goodbye to 2020 with full of mixed feelings.

Welcoming 2021 with new ambitions, hopes, and success. Here are some of the stunning predictions about 2021 that you need to know.

6 stunning Predictions for 2021:

Lets get straight into the aspiring topic and our main focus stunning prediction.

1. Covid-19 Vaccination:

It is the utmost battle of all countries around the globe to come up with the vaccine. As the number of countries is in the race to do business through it. However, it is most likely that 2021 might bring the covid-19 vaccine. But the rant on the media of 90% efficiency of vaccine is a scam. It is a long-term trial of testing. Once the vaccine is out, we might wait for months to get this at our place. If we are lucky enough to get the initial shots of it. We still wouldn’t be able to roam around as it is the entire process of 3 months.

covid-19 vaccine 2021
stunning prediction

During 3 months, each person would have to take 2 or 3 shots of vaccine just to get the 90% efficiency and safety from covid-19. However, countries with warm climates do not have the proper structure to hold the vaccine care. The situation of developing and under-developing countries might get worse. However, the new covid-19 variant in the UK has a 70% potential spread. According to the co-founder of BioNTech said, “it was “highly likely” that its vaccine against the coronavirus works against the mutated strain detected in Britain, but it could also adapt the vaccine if necessary in six weeks. Besides, 2021 will still be based on the trail. We might not be able to escape from covid-19 this year too.

2. World Economy in 2021:

2020 brought an immense downfall in the world economy. The world economy needs to level the deficit which had us in 2020. Only a strong comeback in the economy can heal the damage. According to reports, the world economy has shrunk by 4.4% in 2020. With this, shrink in the world economy. The world is likely going to see poverty in more than two decades.

stunning prediction
stunning prediction

With the beginning of 2021, it is expected countries that are affected by the early wave of covid-19 have a chance to grow 1.9% this year. Because the lockdown in such countries was uplifted earlier than the rest of the others. But countries that are still stuck in and unable to call off the lockdown could see 2021 as a rough economical year. According to IMF, China and South Korea were the countries with the quick response towards covid-19 and have a better chance to uphold and contribute to the world economy in 2021 as the lockdown was uplifted earlier.

However, many countries have suffered huge damage. But the USA is one with the most damaged from the covid-19 outbreak. The USA has the highest death rate due to Covid-19. The unemployment rate touched 7.6% which is estimated at 12.6 million.

With so much damage from the pandemic, yet the USA is surprisingly likely to expand its economy by 4.5% in 2021. The rate hasn’t been seen since the Hilary Clinton tenure. Joe Biden’s triumph in election 2020 will be making a huge impact in 2021 and it’s economy. As it is already predicted that 2021 likely to come up with economical relief and the USA has got a huge role in it.

3. Sky Rocketing Freelancing Market in 2021:

In 2020, the freelance marketplace boomed out. In the world of freelancing, there are two giants called Upwork and Fiverr. Throughout the period, both companies had seen huge increments in their revenues in 2020. Upwork which is known as the most professional and largest freelance market place has already seen 90 million which is already 10% higher than the 1st quarter and 2nd quarter of revenue than last year. Meanwhile, Fiverr has seen a 17% increase in their revenue in just the 3rd quarter of the year. From the financial forecast of these running riots of the freelance marketplace, we can conclude there is huge rampancy in remote working.

stunning prediction

According to researches of hiring managers,

  • In 2020, more than 73% of hiring managers hired freelancers for the continuity of their project.
  • 32% of them accepted that remote workers have helped in increasing the work productivity
  • More than 56% of hiring managers have claimed, organizations that are not adapting to the transition period and neglecting the freelance workforce are falling behind the world economy race.

Numbers don’t lie. We have witnessed that 2020 was the most successful year of freelancers in history. From the above analysis, we can conclude that in 2021 we might see exponential growth in the freelance marketplace more than it occurred in 2020. So, freelancers tighten their seat belts because the competition is going to be stiffer in 2021.

4. E-Commerce in 2021:

Nobody saw that coming to the way shopping revolutionized. With uncertain events, the way of shopping has shifted drastically from offline to online. Somehow, it has made life easier for people to “Shop from Home”. Now 2021 is the year when every digital marketing agency has already been aligned to absorb the work pressure. Which is coming at the beginning of the year 2021. According to stats, as the lockdown implemented in America. There has been 33% growth in the 3 months. It reflects that the growth rate which was expected to be in 2025 has already reached the heights in just 3 months.

Graph Below elaborates itself.

e-commerce 2021
stunning prediction

Since the situation of the world is still uncertain and unstable. The outlook of 2021 already shows the brighter signs for E-commerce rampancy in 2021. It is high time when the marketers wouldn’t have to rely on their recurring clients. According to CallRail’s survey, digital marketing agencies are likely to get 48% new clients in 2021. Since many of the local businesses would embrace to have their online presence.

It seems like the ground is still greener for Digital Marketing Agencies.  

5. Travel in 2021:

No sector in the world has been affected by the way they travel industry is. 2020 was a nightmare for the travel industry. Companies had to face huge loss of money in it. Flights abandoned, customers declined, recession in jobs. The travel industry had to face every hit from the pandemic. Since travel is the billion dollars’ industry. Countries like America, Europe, and the Middle East are hardest hit by the pandemic. Travel is the only industry that makes immense revenue in all seasons of the year.

According to Roger Dow, the president and CEO of the US Travel Association say “The impact on travel is six or seven times greater than the 9/11 attacks,”.

In the below graph, we can see how billion dollars’ industry has fallen.

travel 2021
stunning prediction

We can’t say travel would resume back to normal as soon as the vaccine arrives in 2021. However, we can predict that leisure travel would still back to life in 2021. But business-to-business travel will not be happening anytime soon. Most of the business has found the way to become virtual. It might affect the travel industry in near future. Since virtual meetings are cost-effective for organizations. Applications like zoom, skype, and google meeting have provided ease for business owners. Although 2021 is considered as the recovery year for many sectors in the world. But the travel industry might only get exposure from leisure travel. Other than that, it would take years to level the deficit.

6. Climate 2021:

“Will There Be More Hurricanes”

A very common question we come across every year. But guess what, 2020 came up with shocks. In essence, it came up with more fires than hurricanes. A yearlong bushfire that lasts from June 2019 to May 2020. Australian bushfire stunned everyone. It was so horrifying that meteorologists named as “Black Summer Bushfires”. According to the Global Fire Emissions Database project run by NASA, fires in 2020 have been the worst since 2012. 

However, those took place in the last quarter of 2019. But we see it till the dates. In essence, we saw Australian Bushfire, the California burning, and the most dangerous one Amazon rainforest fire. Hundreds of species have been burnt out. Thousands of acres still burning to date. The Amazon rainforest has a contribution of 20% oxygen in the world. The recent Amazon rainforest fire has threatened the world climate which is up ahead bringing the changes.

fire 2020
stunning prediction

This extreme weather is to be continued till unknown period. The post effects of extreme weather can put us in the situation of a droughty world. No wonder, the amount of damage it could bring in the future. Since the world is in the phase of solar minimum. We are likely to see very abnormal weather events. Who knows we might see fire tornadoes too or the world turns into the Ice Age period.

climate change
World Into Mini Ice Age (6 stunning prediction)

It is very much predicted that 2021 might bring even more strange events. Natural disasters will occur: forest fires, global warming, coral reefs dying, hurricanes, flooding, and garbage islands will still be making headlines. Also, deforestation and drought can be another huge challenge after covid-19.

Wrap Up:

That’s it, folks! about 6 stunning prediction about how 2029 will be…

I have summed up almost every known aspect for 2021. Now, it is almost time of the year to pen down the resolutions. If you had written at the start of 2020. Than Be Happy, nobody expected it neither millionaires. But 2021 will be different. My forecast says it all.

Remember, things aren’t the same anymore. The world is changing at the highest pace. Even the things that were viable in 2020. Perhaps, might not work in 2021. It is the time we read the forecasts, analyze the change, come out of our comfort zone and transform ourselves for quick changes.

I wish to see all of my readers a very Happy New Year.

Best of luck!

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