Step By Step Guide To Smoking Salt Like A Pro

You should think outside the box when selecting a gift for a barbecue enthusiast (or for yourself as well). An apron, tongs, and spatulas aren’t needed. Try something different this year. Put smoked salt on their food.

Get to know the flavor

Good cooks know that salt is their best ally when it comes to seasoning food. Salt can enhance the flavor, the texture, and the color of foods you’re preparing when used properly. When added to your barbecue arsenal, smoked salt will make the food taste better by adding a delicious smokey flavor.

Making salt yourself instead of buying it makes this gift idea even more appealing – and a Memphis Wood Fire pellet grill does the bulk of the work.

Time and patience are the secret ingredients

To smoke salt, you need time most of all. The Memphis does most of the work for you, aside from stirring occasionally. You just have to be patient. To get a good smoke on your salt, you’re going to have to wait. Here is a picture of the salt after 14 hours. The length of time you smoke your salt is up to you. The Memphis needs to be smoked for shorter periods of time for a lighter smoke flavor, and the salt needs to smoke for longer amounts of time for a heavier taste.

Is it the screen or the pan?

Cold or hot smoking can be used to smoke salt. Salt is smoked using hot smoke using the Memphis. The temperature should be set to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides deciding which container to use while the salt is being smoked, there is no preparation required. The salt can be contained in two ways:

Use a metal splatter screen (the same as the kind you’d use over a frying pan) and spread the chunks of salt over it before placing it on the Memphis’ lower rack. With the screen in place, smoke can penetrate the salt from below, while the fan in the Memphis will keep the smoke circulating top to bottom. Smoking the salt in the splatter screen resulted in the best overall smoke coverage, which made it a darker color than when smoking it in a foil pan. Don’t put plastic in your smoker; you don’t want it to be hot. Make sure your splatter screen is made of metal.

Stainless Steel Baking Dish – We also used a stainless steel baking dish that you place in the bottom of the oven to catch drips. The one we used had just enough lip around its edge to prevent the salt from rolling off the pan. You can get one at your local discount store for next to nothing. After placing the Memphis into the pan, gently shake the pan until a thin, even layer of salt forms.


Words of Wisdom…

When the salt is smoked, it absorbs the flavors surrounding it. When a person is smoking something else, such as ribs, brisket, or turkey, they will place salt in a pan on the top shelf of the smoker. The result can be either good or bad, depending on your point of view.To get started, turn the Memphis to 275 F, place the salt on a pan or screen, and smoke for 2-14 hours, according to how many flavors you’d like to add. That’s how easy it is!


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