Some Instagram Tips, Hacks, and Features You Should Know

Do you love taking pictures? Then you must have got Instagram on your phone, perhaps. October marked the 10th anniversary of Instagram, the photo-sharing app that now has 1 billion users per month and 500 million users a day.

There’s always something new you can pick up to enrich your experience, whether you’re on Instagram to catch up with friends or become an influencer. The app has undergone a number of updates since it was acquired by Facebook, some of which are common to former Snapchatters and of-the-moment TikTokkers. We have some tips to help you get the best out of your scrolling process.

Video Calls Without FaceTime

Do you want to video call with someone who slips into your DMs but don’t want to share phone numbers? If yes, then don’t worry as you can video chat on Instagram without sharing your number with anyone. Tap the video camera icon while you’re in a DM to initiate a call. If you’re in a group conversation, everyone can be involved in the video call. Go to Settings > Notifications > Direct Messages to choose who you can video chat with. Choose whether to turn it off under Video Chats, to take calls only from those you follow, or to receive them from anyone. The feature to view Instagram videos together on a call was newly introduced to Instagram. Tap the Media icon at the bottom right of the call and you’ll get a list of videos and pictures you’ve loved. Pick the one you want to watch together and the key spot in your conversation will be taken.

Two Become One

For better or for worse, Facebook and Instagram are one, as the marriage vow goes. In both apps, community property now includes messaging. It is still in the process of rolling out so maybe you do not yet have the option to add your Instagram account to your Facebook account yet. But if you have the option, you can enable it by going to Settings > Account > Linked Accounts > Facebook > Log in and log in with your Facebook information.

See the accounts you interact with the least

Quite a while back, Instagram discarded its chronological feed, and dissimilar to Twitter, it doesn’t give the alternative of flipping among algorithmic and chronological. However, you can pick the accounts in your feed to turn up the most and least. Simply go to your profile and tap Follow. In the end of your Following’s list, Instagram will list the accounts you interact with the most and least. Using these lists, you can unfollow or mute all the accounts you can do without, so that your feed is not clogged.

Mute Posts, Stories, or both from an account

Have you ever wondered how to mute an account on Instagram? Go to the page of the offending user, tap “Following v”, and click Mute. Whether you choose to mute only messages, just stories, or all posts and stories, you’ll then be given a pick. You can do this as well by clicking the ellipses from your feed on an account. Pursue the same method to unmute.

Be more accessible

Instagram is largely a multimedia forum, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be appreciated by the visually disabled. To write explanations of each image, artificial intelligence is used so that screen readers can read them out loud. While this is a definite change, you should go a step further and write all your posts in a description of your own to make them even more informative, precise, and available. You can see a tab that says Advanced Settings at the bottom after you have picked a filter and tapped Next. Tap that, then tap Write Alt Text, enter, and save your own summary. Tap Edit and pick Add Alt Text to add descriptions to old posts.

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