The Magic of Marketing world

One can not think about selling any product without proper marketing . Not a single brand survives these days without it. Good marketing signifies that a company is well aware of its customers’ needs and the latest market trends. The question is how to rate good marketing; the answer is simple; the more response you earn , the more successful you are. Knowing a customer’s behavior is essential.To create an urge of buying something is marketing.

A product dies its own death if it is not marketed appropriately. In the world of rapidly growing technology, where after a one-click customer changes his mood, it is a big challenge to occupy your customer or grab customer attention. Every day we scroll through the news feed on Facebook or Instagram, we see a hundred advertisements oblivious to how much effort has been put into these ads and how much time it has taken to appear on his screen.

This is the beauty of the marketing world. They try to market their products at your doorstep so that you can choose easily. You must have heard the term ”TQM” (Total Quality Management ). The companies have to market their products well and have to make sure to give the best quality.

For that, they keep on reviewing their products by applying Total Quality Management strategies so that their customers will not choose any other product or they can earn customer loyalty.
Everyday many people create Facebook pages and Instagram pages to sell their product and everyday, many people fail to market those products.

The reason is ; tough competition, and social media users have so many options to choose from. Always remember one thing before marketing any product, that is research. Market research is the key to design your future marketing strategies.

What age you have to address, what gender and what kind of class you had t capture, you get to know all this through market research, which companies do with a lot of care and homework. At the same time, you plan your future marketing strategies, never underestimate your competitors, or overestimate yourself.

In this marketing world, every second new idea is coming in the digital world and marketers are playing fearlessly with ideas. Even people are using influencers for marketing their products. Social media marketing is in every corner of the world and people are getting benefits from different social media channels for their marketing.

It is not wrong if we say that marketing is like a rainbow. It has colors. It has streaks. It has moods, it has it’s highs and it has its lows. A good marketer is the one who uses all of them wisely and carefully.

Through algorithms, even our social media knows what age group needs what and what is the inclination or how to uplift their desires for a certain products, so if an advertisement pops up and you don’t know how did it pop up in front of you, always remember that there is someone who through data is collating your interests and inclinations; after all, you are living in a world of artificial intelligence.

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