Shaking hands with zoom classes

Waking up daily and avoiding the computer has become my daily routine. Since this lockdown has started, my online classes have started giving me a tough time. According to college management, we all are going through a very challenging phase of our life. But according to us, only we, the students, are going through this life-changing step.

Online lectures, online tests, online submission of assignments, online viva and what not; As a student, most of the time, it isn’t easy to relate to the teacher, and while catching up all this, you get a label of a nonserious student who does not know how to emphasize the teacher. As an online class student, you have two primary responsibilities: to behave as an attentive student. The second one is showing empathy with your teacher, who is going through this world’s biggest event of history: online education during COVID -19.

While you are doing all this empathy exercise with your teacher, you can not ignore what is happening in the background at your place. The place which you call it your home. Where your mother is constantly reminding you that how difficult it is to have us all as siblings at home during this historical event of COVID -19, according to her character assassination, about us, like teens, I feel that we are the main culprits of bringing this pandemic to the world. We are the reason for the delay in the COViD -19 vaccine.

The situation becomes worse if your mother is also a primary school teacher. While you are attending your classes, you find your mother in the same room giving her online lectures and trying her best to remind you at the same time that how difficult it is for teachers to provide these online classes and how beautifully she is managing all this from home while taking care of us too. As a teen, you have no right to get exhausted as your mother is a real example of managing WFH and managing us during this pandemic.

Friends, if you find yourself in such a situation, my only advice is to become an active listener during this pandemic because you have no way out to go to your friends or go to any restaurant during this lockdown. Most probably, you will end up listening to your mother’s long lectures about her devotion and definition during this pandemic; in such a situation, the only solution is to” act like a fly on the way !” you will be in peace, and yes one more thing, Don’t forget to attend your zoom classes after all your teachers are working hard and its pandemic time.

The best part of all these lockdown and online classes is you have a lot of room for error. For example, after ten minutes, you can attend a course you can sleep while for four teachers you are online but friends! Don’t apply this trick every time; otherwise, you will be in a thick soup. And yes, raising your hand on zoom is a luxury which you can enjoy.

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