Shopaholic World

Shopping is a habit that almost every individual likes, but when we talk about shopping as a problem means when shopping becomes an addiction. Many vulnerable people on the spectrum can easily become addicted to shopping due to some low self-esteem or did to any bad mood. When you hear the word shopaholic, you usually relate it to the movie ”Confessions of a Shopaholic.”In reality, shopaholics come in every size and age.

People are encouraged and appreciated to wear new outfits or expensive accessories every day in our materialistic society. People of all ages watch tv connected with social media, where they watch advertisements every day and are attracted by the brands of other things marketed well.
In the west, shopping addiction is one of the topmost reasons to get a divorce. The irony is that people indulging in shopping addiction are not ready to accept that they are compulsive buyers. They put themselves in financial trouble, but they can not stop buying unless and until their credit card crosses the limit.

With a click, you can buy anything, anywhere, or anytime. Products are cheaper than ever, despite having to travel across the world to get to us. Which means we often buy things without giving a second thought.
Women spending on personal care items like lotions and makeup also doubled over the period.

The dilemma is that advertisers know well how to attract customers. On the other hand, while ignoring their financial status, customers are compelled to buy stuff due to those attractive advertisements or due to society’s pressure. ”Sales ”are the biggest cause of buying as people run towards ”sale items ”and feel happy and satisfied if they buy stuff from ”sale ” as it gives the feeling of accomplishment that they have bought an item but have saved the money as well A they had bought it from ”Sale .”

Dear Readers! The best part of this habit is for a little time; the shopaholic feels that he/she has conquered the world and those moments are very precious in their life. You often find them a little high at that time, but it is just for the time being. This is why this habit is known as an addiction because as soon as they feel an urge to buy again, no one can stop them unless they buy anything.

Online shopping is the biggest supporter of this shopaholic, and they love to use this 21scentury tool to fulfill their urge to call addiction, but they call it a passion. Divorces, teens, frustrated employees are on the topmost list of vulnerable shoppers.

In a time when the world is moving towards minimalization and recycling and reuse products, my only advice to you all is given it a thought and live a trendy life but will less stuff no one I ask you not to by branded products but fifty jackets of same colors but of different brands is a waste of money. Take inventory of what you already have in our cupboard before going shopping is one of the basic tricks to keep you away from becoming a shopaholic and yes, one more this; unsubscribe from anything on social media which attracts you to buy more stuff.

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