🌸🌸 The Reward of Kindness🌸🌸

Once upon a time, a widow lives with his young son in the village. They were very poor but kind enough. They help everyone; the widow lady was very kind, courteous, and warm-hearted. She gave her son excellent training on how to deal with peoples.

One day, she told her son to go to the city and earn money because they were destitute to fulfill their requirements. She packs three loaves/ slices of bread for his son to eat it three times a day. Her son begins to go to the city he was going,

Going and just going suddenly he reached to the jungle he was tired, so he sat to eat the food her mother packed when he started to eat his first loaf, a female dog.

Come close to him because she births some puppies so she can’t find something to eat, that’s why she was starving. Weak her puppies were behind her when he saw the female dog and her puppies so he mercy on her, so he gives his one loaf to her, she was starving, so she immediately eats it. When he saw this, he gave his second loaf she again finished it. He thought that she was starving, may she not eat something for a few days, so he gave the third loaf to her and leave for the city.

He was going and returned to his village. Unfortunately, he lost the way that’s why he returned to his village. He tells all that happens with him. The lady said: No problem, you should go tomorrow.

After some time, a man knocks at their door.

Her son opened the door the man said: Can I stay at your home for one night? I am coming from a very Far city, and I have no money to stay somewhere, please help me. They said Welcome, Welcome to our home. They gave the man food and put his bed in their Courtyard because they have only one room in their house. After eating, he goes to sleep. In the morning, the boy wanted to wake the man to pray fajr, but he was not waking because he has died. He was afraid and immediately went to his mother and tells her that he died.

When the lady saw the man, it was surprising because the man was cut into four pieces and blood here and there. They thought that if they tell this situation to someone, they will feel that we killed him, so we should not tell anyone and buried him in our room. They started digging into their room.

When they are digging, they saw two pots, but they don’t notice it. They put them aside and go back to put the dead body into the dug hole, but it was more surprising that the man was not there. They were super afraid of what happened to him? Where he go? many questions. Her son goes out of the home to find him, but he doesn’t find something in vain. He comes back home; they were anxious and sleep. The next morning the lady thought that we founded two pots lets see what it was!! When they open the cover of pots, they were full of gold.

 They were surprised and thrilled. The gold helps them very much. The boy now doesn’t need to left his mother and go to the city. Now they will fulfill their requirements and live with peace.

What do you think about the man? In reality, the man was an angel. He came to their house to reward them for the mercy the boy did on the dog when she was hungry and needy.

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