Once, Taimoor living in Cortland. The king of Cotland was worried about his state because he has only a daughter. So he wanted to marry his daughter to a brave and honest man. He looks at all the princes near him but he can’t found a person who satisfies his demands. Once a day, the princess goes to the jungle for hunting. When his servants were hunting, she saw Taimoor hunting bravely and satisfies his father’s demands, so she gives Taimoor a proposal to marry her and become a king of Cortland. Still, Taimoor said,” No, I am only here to find my brother, not to become a King”.when Princess comes back, she tells all the situation to his father.

Then her father decided to order the Cortland men to cross the bridge and Princess will give a necklace to the man she likes. This news spread all over Cortland. Prince Taimoor was not going, so the older man advised him that you are courageous and intelligent. It would help if you went because Cortland needs you. So Taimoor understood it and agreed to go.

The next day, all men of Cortland cross the bridge. In the end, Taimoor passes the bridge after all his clothes were ugly, but the Princess recognized him and gave him the necklace. After this, the king’s court began.

All people disagree with the choice of Princess because Taimoor was wearing ugly clothes, so the king decided to make a competition between them. There were three rounds to marry the Princess.

First-round was to answer three questions because Taimoor becomes Sufi, so he answered all the questions very well. The second round was wrestling as Taimoor was very brave, so he easily won this competition. The last round was to hunt at least two deers. If you can’t do it, you will be qualify. The older man said to him to wear the Prince’s clothes and set a king. He ordered his pet lion to hunt all the deers of the jungle. After a while, the prince sits on the king’s mat, and his servants were standing here and there, and the lion hunted all deers and made a bundle.

On the other hand, the men don’t even find a single deer; suddenly, they saw Taimoor; they thought a king was hunting and enjoying. They don’t recognize him, so they decided to request him to give the deers. They all tell their situation and apologize to him. He replied I would give you two deers only when you agree with my demand; I will stamp you all. They agreed to his demand. One by one taking two deers and making a stamp on their hand, all deers ended.

In the evening, all of them were happy because they have the deers, but Taimoor doesn’t have a single deer. The king asked Taimoor, where were your deers?? Taimoor replied confidently that these all deers were mine. They get it from me. All of them replied, “No, no, he was a king, and you even don’t have more clothes unless of this ugly one. “Taimoor said, “if I am wrong, then show your hands you all have a stamp of mine. When they show their hands to the king, there was a stamp on each person. So the king married his daughter to Taimoor and gave his state to Taimoor. Prince Taimoor become a king, and in only one month, he gives many benefits to Cortland, and Cortland becomes the richest state.

After a few months, he arranged a party for nears states. At this party, he met his brother Babar who also becomes the king of Farland. Taimoor and Babar were so happy as their struggles and patience give them a lot of happiness.

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