Pets Reduce Stress


Mental health is a serious concern nowadays as more and more diseases and problems arise out of it. A study in Sydney shows that every one out of three healthy individuals suffers from stress, anxiety, and depression. The surprising thing is that a healthy person can also have mental disorders; we can not see or feel the person’s problem.

As a global challenge, different intellectuals worked to determine the causes of these problems and try to figure out how to get rid of them. Several research types have confirmed that petting can help curtail stress, anxiety, depression, and proven optimism in other mental and cognitive disorders.

Benefits of pets: 

Numerous people love pets; they take care of them, feed them, nurture them, play with them, and above all, pets become part of themselves and their family. However, we don’t know the benefits of pets in our house. We know that pets are loyal, adoring, and caring but pets also help overcome stress-related issues.

Playing and wandering around with pets decreases the secretion of a stress hormone called “cortisol” and promotes dopamine and serotonin hormone production, enhancing mood and helping us feel enthusiastic, lively, vibrant, and vital. For children with congenital neurological dysfunction like autism, cerebral palsy, and ADHD, spending time with their pets can assist in controlling anger issues, stress and boost their confidence in them.

Caressing pets have a dominant impact on the elderly population; most of them lack their interest in socializing with others, are retired from their work, the majority are living alone as their children live far away from them, so playing with pets give them a reason for life, pets become their partner of loneliness and animals give them love in return for their affection and care. Running and caring for pets makes them active and away from different diseases other them alleviating stress.

Moreover, pets engaged the elderly population in mobility as they have to run and walk with them; hence, they improve locomotion, prevent severe joint dysfunction, improve living standards, and enhance self-esteem. It improves our social gatherings and social circle. When we walk with our pets, we get a chance to stop and communicate with others having pets, discussing from the diet, politics, routine to becoming friends, and enjoying social gatherings and parties with each other.


Finally, petting or animal love is limited to a hobby; it comes with many advantages. We gave love, affection, attention, care, and compassion to pets. They also give us the same and are the prominent solutions to mental illness we are fighting, which is now becoming a global burden with serious economic concerns. Still, pets are the ultimate solution to this serious problem, so say goodbye to pills and other therapies. We have the best therapy at our dwelling, so love and take care of the pets. They are our friends, soul mates, and anti-anxiety therapists.

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