Peace Lost

Night, a time when the sky turns dark when everyone starts winding things up, when the hustle-bustle of the world starts getting low, the time all the gatherings die down when you find time to yourself when it’s just you and the night. The night gives us plenty of time to think, think about the tiny little things that don’t even matter in the daytime. The night gives us a new approach to think, a whole new genre. 

It makes us think about the things that are hidden deep in our hearts and mind, or the things that are lost, things that we long for but can’t acquire. Sitting in the moonlight, I wondered why I am not satisfied and why there is a hollow feeling in my chest.

Why is so much restlessness, why it feels like something is missing, peace of mind, maybe. I have stopped wishing, praying, and hoping to stop feeling this crap. I have given up in front of my own heart since I can’t find the reason for all this restlessness.

I have lost the peace that was once here; I have lost the peace of my mind. I can’t find it anywhere. But I think peace has turned its back towards the whole world.

There is no sign of peace anywhere. We all are living materialistic, restless lives. Some of us have made themselves used to this, and some are still trying to live with this feeling.

Some of us have become heartless; they have turned off their emotions. They have pick side with the distress, and now they are taking away the peace of the rest of the world. I feel so helpless, so distressed, so tormented that at some point, I want to scream out my lungs and make this ache go away.

It is gnawing me inside; it is hurting my soul. I want to tear away the heart that is causing this restlessness, not letting me lead a normal, carefree life. Still, I think that either there’s nothing normal left about life, or this upset life is now considered a normal one. I want to get rid of this feeling.

I think I can give away everything in my possession to earn my peace, to fill this empty void, to be calmed. I feel like I can climb the largest mountains, travel the whole world on foot, and swim every ocean to find the peace that is lost, only to be at ease again. I want to sing hallelujah; to sway around with so much joy that if I lose balance and fall, I will laugh it off instead of crying, I want to see the setting sun with the hope that it will rise again, I want to enjoy the spring after the cold winters, I want the peace of my soul so it won’t hurt anymore. But I think it is out of my reach, out of anyone’s reach.

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