Manners show your rank

In ancient times, king Bukhat Shah was a ruler in Kharasa country. He was very pious, kind-hearted, and God-fearing. He had every luxury, but he lived a simple life.

On the other hand, his minister was very arrogant and grumpy. He belongs to a rich and noble family and his name was Dilawar khan. His high lineage and wealth made him mentally ill. With all of these bad characteristics, he has one good characteristic and it covers and hides all his bad manners: his intelligence and his diversity of knowing different important works of state.

One day, Bukhat Shah went to the jungle with his minister and servant. Suddenly a Strom came, and they got separated lost. When the king’s servant was finding them, he passes through a house of a blind man in the Jungle. He asks the blind man very rudely while sitting on his horse: Ohh!! Blind, have you ever seen any person passing from here? The blind man replied: No!!! No!!!, I am blind, so I have not seen anybody passing from here. The servant, after hearing it, left the blind man.

After a while, the minister was passing from there riding on his horse saw the blind man. He asked: Oh blind man, did you see anybody passing from here? He replied: No, I did not see anybody. After hearing it, he passes from there.

After a while, the king riding on the horse was also passing from there and he also saw the blind man. He went down from his horse and went to the blind man and he said to the old man: How are you, Sir? Have you heard anybody going from here? The old man replied: Yes, two people passed from here. The first one was your servant another one was your minister.

The king was amazed and he asked: But how you know? You can’t even see. The blind man replied: “Your manner shows your rank when your servant came to me. He was very rude, and when your minister came here, he asked with little arrogance, and when you came to me, you gently and politely asked me, so that’s how I know came to know your servant and your minister. The king thanked the old blind man and left him.

The next day, the king settled a court and asked about his servant and minister’s manners. They were ashamed of their behavior.

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