Did Joe Biden win because of failure of Trumps Covid policies -2021

A heat of town topic is Joe Biden’s Victory responsible for the failure of Trumps Covid policies


Covid-19 created a chaotic situation around the world, the World Health Organization WHO has declared an emergency on 11 March 2020 and announced a global pandemic moreover, it releases public health policies and SOP’s to be practiced globally because this pandemic didn’t spare a single part of the world. Among all the United States suffered severely, according to WHO, from 3rd January 2020 till 3rd December 2020, the USA has 13,563,731 confirmed cases, and 268,482 people died.


Covid policies

To combat this emergency Trump’s government took crucial steps including the 3 national emergencies by authorizing public health funds and facilities to ensure the availability of testing kits, antiviral medications, vaccines, and ventilators. Moreover, the government managed the isolation and quarantine of the citizens having a foreign tour especially from China and other countries infected with the virus to prevent the spread of the virus between the states. Besides this, the President banned the entry of non-American citizens from the infected states of China and European countries. The outbreak in Florida and other nearby states recommended pregnant women and Elder people to avoid traveling from the USA.

The president urges people to stay at home for 3 weeks from 17 March 2020, to prevent the outbreak and burden on the health care sector and hospital facilities. Also, many states including Los Angeles, New York, California, Florida, and Chicago practice complete lockdown in their states and stopped interstate travel, these states maintained social distancing and isolation by closing the schools, applying institutional curfew, altering business strategies, banning large gatherings and conferences to get a hold on the pandemic outburst. Imposed and voluntarily isolation caused hardships on the elderly people having chronic diseases and other people with special needs, the government makes sure to provide, food, health facilities, paid sick leaves, and coverage to the testing facility in quarantine centers away from the family.

However, the covid 19 posses a severe threat to the USA health and security, the reforms and policies established during the global emergency was new and never experienced, the USA government especially the president of the United States Donald Trump became controversial and was in headlines for many months about his claim regarding the drug Hydrochloroquine, and its possible benefits on the covid patient. Afterward, the negative impact of the drug on other body systems alarm the world about the failed policies of Trump, moreover, the differences and hot debate between the government and health care professionals and their opposition to the President’s claim and the increased deaths in the superpower with all the available resources questioned the vision of the President and his cabinet members. Around the globe, speculations were arising about the claim of Trump but not the professional dealing with the situation. Although the government gave its best to deal with the pandemic, however, the spike of cases and burden on the economy and health care system of the country raised doubt and concern about the efficiency and vision of the government policies.


This global crisis was new for everyone except a few in their hundreds, the whole world especially the united states suffered huge losses in terms of human lives, financial crises, social and psychological problems, safety and security issues, and many others, besides this, all the branches of government worked in the favor of the public and to protect the country from disaster, however, the implication of inventions without evidence-based practice but political influence, discrimination in providing services to individuals and groups created conflict in the country besides the elderly, disadvantaged group including minorities, unregistered immigrants, foreign students, and disabled citizens suffered a lot in the pandemic. The government must ensure the safety, security, and rights of all citizens without any discrimination.

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