Integration of the police with the community and technology -2021


Integration of the police with the community and technology

Law enforcement agencies are the backbone of any country, it consists of the department of police. They are the civil officers of the government responsible for maintaining law and order in the society and help the judiciary to punish the culprit and provide justice to the victim. The role of the police is to establish public order in the community by enforcing the law and detecting, preventing, and investigating different criminal activities and the neighborhood.

Police officials require the assistance of modern technologies and the public to work effectively and efficiently to catch the criminals and keep an eye on their unlawful activities so that the citizens can fearlessly. Police are often entrusted with various licensing and regulatory bodies. In this account, we will discuss the interaction between police, community, and modern technologies.

Many studies in the recent decade highlighted the importance of the positive interaction between the police and community people to whom the police are serving. Different reports have an emphasis on the concept of 3 P’s of community policing, these are; people, policies, and processes.

The community has a huge impact on enforcing law and order in society with the help and proper guidance and direction of police. Many developed countries have switched to the idea of involving the public in law enforcement agencies to support the police to maintain peace and stability in society.

However, due to the corruption in the police department, the public-police relationship suffers which created mistrust among the citizen which impedes the way to justice for the sufferers moreover; the discriminating laws in terms of color, creed, race, and religion create a barrier between law enforcement agencies and minorities that also serves as a loss of trust in policing authorities.

Whereas in the societies where the police are accountable for every action and step they have taken, and where laws are equal for all communities regardless of their religion, caste, color, creed, and social status, earns the trust of people which serves as a strong bond between public and police, have marked reduction in crime rate as compared to latter.

Both police and locals have the same concern of making peace in the society, enforced law and order so that a community prosper, and making the partnership between the agencies and community a country can manage their crime rates and worked on to catch the culprits and punish them to make an example for rests. Several studies have proven the fact of positive public and police relationships built a strong society where everyone gets easy access to justice, people trust the police and cooperate with them in every single matter.

Consequently, people won’t fear to report their case and in return for their cooperation and support police arrest the lawbreaker, and from his punishment, many other criminals became vigilant and avoid performing the crime. Recent studies report that most of the crimes reduced when justice is common in the community as many crimes are the root cause of injustice or biased laws when laws and enforcing agencies worked on the principle of equality, crime rate declines, and public and police bonding enhance.

In recent times policing authorities have excelled in technology and implemented the use of new technology in their department for accuracy, precision, and surveillance. Police and technology are interconnected for many decades, from the advent of the telephone, automobile, and two-way radio to the most powerful and accelerating wireless phone, high powered computer, highly accurate visual and auditory equipment.

Many agencies are using and maintaining new technology to increase their efficiency and to improve outcomes, especially in a time of diminished capability and availability of manpower and forces. When the criminal is well equipped so the agencies need to update their technology to prevent unrest in the community.

With the advancement in technology policing and technology become partners in enforcing the law in society, with increasing demand for artificial and virtual intelligence, agencies need to be updated their technology and technical team. However, many studies have highlighted the inability and ineptitude of police officers to deal with different cases and situations in the absence of any error of technology.

The use of robots and other technologies raised the concern of human competency in the police department. With over-dependence on artificial intelligence and technology, police officers lack efficiency and vigilance. However, the use to advance equipment also guide the police about the location of criminals, help to reach fast on crime spot, record the conversion and messages to stop or ceases crimes in a community.

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