Improve your brain; make yourself healthy and productive

Improve your brain or make yourself productive has same content. The big things always give you a reward or help you when you use it just like a brain. Your brain always helps you in making productive things when you use it in the right way. A strong and healthy mind helped you in making the right decisions and making a good move.

Have you ever felt, you are in an anxious situation and your brain gives you a green signal for work?? or when you are in anger mode and your brain is in relax zone??

NO, a big no because your soul connectivity is with your brain. Your whole mood is dependent on brain conditions. Our brain is the biggest gift from GOD, only we can change it and only we can fix it. We can train our brain according to our thinking and observations. Our brain is the CPU of our body and might we forget it…

The brain has a great ability to reshape it or reinstall its neuron’s cognitive abilities. In childhood, there is a quote encoded in our brain; a healthy body has a healthy mind. But if we looked deep down in our lives, neither healthy body nor a healthy mind we have.


Memory improvement and concentration improved our brain health and observations. A keen observer has a very realistic approach than an immature person. The more you’re working on the improvement and building your brain cells strong, the more you’ll happier and blessed. Because the blessing is also linked with your current mood.

Stimulate your brain by engaging yourself in different exercises. If you’re to trying install one thing in your brain and wants a better result then it won’t happen. Because our brain is a multi-talented organ. The more you boost your brain, the more your brain is processed well and will sharpen your memory.

Make yourself an early bird and do morning exercises or yoga. It’ll certainly cognitive function. Daily exercise gives oxygen to brain cells and strength mind’s capacity of working. Even a few pushups, jumping kicks or a little walk reboot your brain.

Learn a new word every day, build your dictionary, make sentences, work on your speech. It’ll also give you a mental acuity.

Looking ways to bring laugh in your life:

  1. laugh at yourself; there is no one who can understand you better than yourself. You are your own best friend. Share your all embarrassing moments and good moments with yourself.
  2. Surround yourself with reminders to lighten up; glue some funny handwritten sticky notes in your wardrobe, bathroom or on a fridge door which reminds you laughter.
  3. Spending time who joys with you; some persons are your support system and they are the best ones. They always stand behind you and motivates you in every step you took. If you this type in your circle then you are a blessed one. This good stimulus increases your focus and a healthy mind.
  4. Games; playing games also improve brain health but also prove mental sharpness.


Our brain has the ability to learn and grow with every passage of our ageing. We are surrounded by multi-cultural people or different people of skills and mindset. We just have to think strong and need to just improve our brain.

Improving brain health leads to us success roads. Only with the help of healthy mind we can live a life healthy and productive.

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