Importance of religion in kids


What is religion?
Yes, I am asking questions about what religion is?

Religion is the basic thing to survive in the world.

There are many religions in the world, like Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, etc.

Every religion has some basic rules and regulations.

Religion is basically the set of beliefs, teachings, rules, and history, etc.

Kids minds :

As we know that kids are innocent, and they do not know what is right and wrong. Kids always pick what their elders are doing. Their capturing power is stronger than young people. They act like what they see in their surroundings.

About religion in the Holy book Quran :

In the Quran, it is written that :

Every child is born on the nature of Islam.

According to this saying, Islam, which is the religion of Muslims, is the nature religion. When born and come into this world, every child is basically Muslim, but it is their elders and parents who make him or her Hindu, Christian, etc.

Naturally, a child has Islamic nature but sees his elders worship stones, sun, animals, etc. He automatically becomes Hindu and starting doing things like his elders.

And if his elders are praying Namaz, reciting Quran, then he will be a Muslim.

Importance of religion :

What is the importance of religion in kids?

Religion provides teachings on how to live life. It provides teachings on what is the difference between good and bad. It discriminates between good and bad social values. Kids grow according to their religious values. For example :

In Islam, there are teachings on how to deal with your surroundings, which is good for humans, the limits of men and women, etc.

It provides a role model Who is Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) so that Muslims can easily follow Islamic teachings by His life.

In Christianity, Hazrat Esa(A.S) teachings are followed, which are written in the Bible (their Holy book)

In Hinduism, Hindus believe in the worship of different gods, like Vishnu, Krishna, etc.

In Hindi culture, there is a great impact on values and social practices. Kids that grow in Hindi culture mostly stick to their values and events.

There is no doubt in Christianity and Islam that there are also many teachings about how they have to practice their culture.

Culture is essential for the survival of society and culture is made up of following religious teachings. Both are an important part of life and are crucial for kid’s growth and training. The environment around the child has a major role in the growing personality of a child.

Mother’s role:

As it is said that :

The child first learning place is his mother’s shadow.

So mothers play an important role in their kid’s training. Mothers must have to know religion and social values to grow up their kids in a better way.

No religion effect :

If there are no religious values, then there come many conflicts in society.

Kids without religion do not know what is morality and what are social values?

Health effect :

There develop many psychological problems in kids without religion.

Conclusion :

So religion has the main effect on not only the kid’s life but also on human life. It is essential in social development and society is mainly formed with the people.

It is the basic thing to keep society balanced.

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