Impeachment of Donald Trump, what will be happened next?

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. The impeachment case on Donald trump is running again. Now he has become the first President of American history, who is being nominated for impeachment for the second time. In the house of representatives, Donald trump’s impeachment bill has been approved. Now the approval of the Senate is still pending. Before Donald Trump turns end senate can’t take any action against Donald Trump.

First impeachment of Donald Trump

 Donald trump has already been prosecuted for impeachment on December 18, 2019.

 Impeachment sued for abusing his powers

 And was accused of preventing Congress from working

Present impeachment background

 Donald Trump rejected the results of the 2020 presidential election in his speech on January 6.  Members of the Democratic Party and Donald trump’s opponents say that Donald trump’s speech was the reason for the attack on capitol hill. The capitol hill attack caused fear and guards in the country, so Donald trump’s opponents in the house of representatives presented an impeachment bill a  week after the capital hill attack…

 Proceedings of the house of representatives

 Members of the house of representatives requested the vice President to take action on the impeachment of Donald Trump, but the vice president refused that it would further divide the American nation.

 Bill results

The result of the bill is following

 232 members voted in favor of the bill

 197 members voted against the bill

 Senate trial  

 After the approval of the bill in the house of representatives, It now needs to approve by the senate. But the approval of the bill requires the support of 17 republican members, because for the impeachment  of Donald Trump two third majority is needed . The solution has come out because 20 members of the republican party have expressed their consent to vote for Donald trump’s impeachment.

 When will the trial of the Senate begin?

 The senate trial for Donald Trump impeachment can not be done before January 19 and the term as Donald trump’s President is ending on 20 the January 2020. Now  the concern is that what is the purpose of this impeachment trial American  law, a person is only eligible to become US President twice. If Donald trump is not impeachment, he will be able to re-participate in the 2024 presidential elections of America. But if Donald trump’s impeachment is successful then he cannot participate in the 2024 elections.

 Donald trump’s opinion

 Donald Trump calls the impeachment proceedings against him a joke. He don’t take the responsibility of capitol hill attack

 Donald trump has resisted the severity of the accident in his video message about the capital hill accident


 If Donald trump’s impeachment becomes successful, he will become the third US President who will be impeached. The First American president who had impeached was  Andrew Johnson in 1868 and the second one was Bill Clinton who was impeached in 1998. And Donald Trump will become the one and only President of the United States of America who will be nominated for impeachment twice .

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