How to set up a dropshipping business store in just 5 steps

Are you want to start your online business and do not know how to start? or from where you can start? or dream of merchandising your skills. Whichever business niche you would choose always keeps product management, client satisfaction and services in your mind. E-commerce has much diversity in it. It has non-stoppable working chains. Entrepreneur’s always bringing creativity in it. Starting marketing is a hectic venture. You will have to pay you all body and soul to your online business and then you will succeed. E-commerce is doing and die game, it is a very competitive market where everyday entrepreneurs compete with others. There are so many methods to work online. Today we are discussing the pros and cons of the dropshipping business.

The ultimate guide to dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a marketing platform for entrepreneurs for selling their skills in the shape of goods. For dropshipping business, you don’t need any rocket science. Dropshipping is a third party game. A person places an order to you then you shares information to the dropshipping supplier after they deliver the order at client’s home door and in-return you person earns a profit. In drop-shipping seller has neither his/her venture nor its own inventory. With dropshipping, you can swiftly test different business ideas/designs, which lets you learn a lot about how to choose and market in-demand products. 3 basic things you need to know about dropshipping:
Lower cost
Lower risk
Not specific location


There are the 3 pillars on which drop shipping supply chain runs: manufacturers, retailers and wholesaler

Manufacturer: They merchandise their brand products. They must have strong digital sense so their products attract clients/customers. Manufacturers don’t sell their products directly; always need a whole team for marketing. They should know about

increasing sales policy
Hire skilled workers
Enhance business graph
Educate buyers on products
Client satisfaction
Product services accessible

In dropshipping, we can buy products from manufactures and sell products in cheap or high cost. Manufactures need whole seller and retailers services for branding their products.

Wholesaler: A wholesaler buys products from the manufacturer and sells them at slightly low prices. The wholesaler is rarely involved in the actual manufacture of a product, focusing instead on distribution. Some wholesalers sell only to retailers or some sell directly to the public.

Retailer: A retailer is a person who sells directly to the customer. Retailer act as a third party person. Who doesn’t have a product store but sell the products in stocks

How to find a good drop-shipping wholesaler and retailer?

There are some tactics you will need to know about wholesaler that he is a legitimate or fake:

Per-order fees:
Many dropshippers charge a per-order fee that can range from $2 to $5, or more according to the size of the product or the location. This is the fee of handling and services of dropshippers. The major advantage of this method is the reduction in time spent dealing with the various aspects of shipping approach. Also per-order fee associate as revenue at every single order replace from the store.

Contact the manufacturer:
If we want to order some products and know the features of the product then contact the manufacturer and ask her/him to give you the wholesaler number so you can buy from them easily. Then contact with wholesaler they provide dropshipping service or not. After every completing inquiry and unlimited calls to the wholesaler than place your order without any doubts regarding fake wholesalers.

Use Oberlo:
Oberlo is a multitasking market place. Oberlo helps you find different products in three ways.

First, you can search in the search bar by typing keyword related to the product.

Second, there are categories of the product you can choose it.

Third, there are videos. It imports the products directly from the supplier to your store and ship to the customer. You can customize products in the Import List before you import them to your store. With just one click Oberlo provide their services quickly and efficiently.

Attend a trade show:
A trade show connecting you with the manufacturers and the wholesalers. This gives you the confidence to shop online. It’s a great way to connect yourself with the upcoming brand projects and the working of the wholesalers.

Some supplier directory is the record of the supplier of the brand or the product. Some brands supplier directories are a convenient way to quickly search for and/or browse a large number of the wholesaler in one place and are great for ideas and designs for products to sell or niches to enter. These tool can be helpful, if you are willing to work from home. There are some names that are given below:

Worldwide brands
Wholesale central
eworld trade

There are other ways to find good dropshipping suppliers:
1.talented staff and industry efficient
2.Support agent
3.Order through emails
4.Assembling and systematic
5.Know how to pay dropshipping suppliers


Dropshipping is the best tool for entrepreneurs in enhancing their business digitally. It is a great marketing platform for their ventures. In dropshipping isn’t necessary to build your brand or shop for a dropshipping business. You don’t have to pay for products; it is a process of giving and takes. From one hand you sell and from the other hand, you can buy. You just have to focus on your dropshipping skills. If you don’t have to build a dropshipping business then you can find a dropshipping store (business) for sale on Shopify or Alibaba marketplace for online buying and selling products. With over 1 million online stores you can match your interests, budget and ideas from a dropshipping business over there.

There are the following tactics you will have to know before starting a dropshipping business:

1 Makeup your mind:

Dropshipping is a time taking business but not a stoppable chain. First, you need some patience and plenty of time. If you think within one week you earn in dollars then it makes you very disappointed. Money and time are the two basic tools for the dropshipping. Every business needs time whether it’s online or offline work. If you invest something in good work then definitely it pays you but you have to keep calm and patience.
1. Develop your entrepreneurs’ skills
2. Better decisions
3. Learn how dropshipping works
4. Give full time to your business
In the first, you invest some money for launching dropshipping stores.

2 Choose a drop-shipping ideas

Always start your business according to your taste. First find your interest, which business niche you want to start. keywords everywhere or Google is the best searching web for choosing dropshipping ideas, google trends help us a lot in this regard. Learn how to retail store works.

3 Do competitor research:

If you’ll have competition in dropshipping business than research the competitor’s niche, their branding strategies and subscribe to their competitors’ email lists. Keep an eye on a competitors website, prices, marketing methods, product descriptions, reputation, etc. Keep your research systematic in a spreadsheet so you can easily refer to it when making decisions for your store.

4 Build your ecommerce store:

After planning business ideas then it’s time to build your ecommerce store for dropshipping business like shopify. It’s a big platform where you can enhance your traffic, sell and buy products and also the process of payments also mange. With the help of Shopify, you can merchandise your products globally

5 Analyze and improve your offering:

After operating your sales and management than Shopify analytics ask important questions about your online dropshipping store. While establishing a dropshipping business, you will have to also analyze the stats of your business. Remain calm and measure your store’s performance. This act will help you in making smart decisions.

Sales: who is your best seller? How much you sell within a month? How many dollars do you earn? How long does dropshipping take time? How can you enhance your sales? How do you handle returns and refunds?

Consumer behavior: Which device is easily accessible for a consumer? Are you delivering via mobile or laptop? Is your client satisfied with your services?

Profit perimeter: how do you make profit from dropshipping? What is the graph of my profit perimeter month over month?

Investment: is money required for drop-shipping? How much money you will need for shopify subscription?

Bottom line

When you’re an eCommerce startup, there are so many constraints: time, money, energy. It can be easy to feel as though you can never achieve your dreams and desires

Dropshipping is not a high-cost work; you can also start with the low budget. With the help of marketing tools and third party strategies, you can uplift your dropshipping easily.

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