How to get to Silithus Classic?

Silithus Classic is the west-southern area of Kalimdor. Un’Goro Crater is located in the north-west, from where a large path extends to Silithus. So, it means that this area can only be reached by first traveling to the north-western area of Un’Goro Crater. From there move towards the south to reach the area.

Silithus is the insect-infested part of southern Kalimdor. The area contains a part of Ahn’Qiraj, a well-known Aqiri empire. The temple of this great empire is uninhabited now, and the central big temple is sealed off by night elves. This act is attempted in order to prevent the breaking out of insect infestation. But the areas’ ruins depict the fact that they were unable to do so.

Because of the ruins and insect infestation, Silithus is known as “A DYING WORLD”.

Silithus is a major quest hub with storylines that extend deep down into the depths and along the borders. The redesign of this zone (both in the classic and retail version) has outdoor quest areas for the individual players, groups of 5 members, and outdoor raid bosses. These quests result in the best items as an alternative to raid dungeons. Silithus owns no battle areas but outdoor PvP is available for the players who reach this part of Kalimdor.

World of Warcraft is an online multiplayer video game developed in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. Silithus is a zone available for level 55 players who get to reach this area.

What is the fastest way to get to the Silithus classic?

Take the port to Uldum and from there fly directly to Silithus by air. By far, it’s the fastest way to reach there. The same route is followed in the Alliance Classic version.

How to get to Silithus classic in BfA?

BfA is located in stormwind, on the north-eastern island that owns many portals. From the north-eastern area, fly to the Silithus in the northwest.

How to get to Silithus classic from stormwind?

If you own the flight master’s license, then simply take the port to Uldum and fly over the mountains straight to the west-southern area of Kalimdor.

How can we unlock the portals in order to get there?

Follow the steps below to unlock the portals:

  • Reach to Level 50 in the game in order to unlock Heart of Azeroth.
  • All players in the Alliance must complete “A Nation Dividend.”
  • Horde players must complete “We need each other”.

Till now, you would have unlocked the portals. But if you are unable to open it, then you need to complete further quests. In the end, you will unlock the portals. But if the problem continues then you must talk to “Zirdomi” to change the Silithus phase in the current timeline.

How to get to Silithus classic Horde?

The route is the same, as mentioned above, you first need to travel to the Un’Goro Crater and follow the wide path that extends towards the Silithus.

What are quests in World of Warcraft?

A quest is a task, assigned to every player, in “World of Warcraft” that rewards the players at the end of every quest completion. To get to Silithus, every player, as an individual and with the alliance players, needs to complete several quests.

If you are someone who loves to play World of Warcraft but is struggling to reach there, follow the above guidelines.

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