How to get to Moonglade classic? 3 easy options in 2021

To know about how to get to Moonglade in Wow classic? we will have to know about;

What is the Moonglade Classic

Moonglade also spelled as moon glade or Moonglades is commonly known voucher in Northern Kalimdor it plays the role of heaven of druids and the resting place of the cenarion circle. Here the Toren and Raat unite peacefully with respect for nature and increase the existence.

Moonglade classic
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Any kind of fight between the races of Moon glade is not acceptable to the Moonglade wardens present in the main town of Knithaven, who will bridge any violence against individuals.

The presence of Moonglade in the Emerald Dreams is the holiest place in the whole region. In the lake Eluniara, the rift of alter is located.

The demigod omen rests under of the central lake in depths, it wakes up every year at the time of lunar festivals, after that he is regularly out to rest. The festival is based in the night heaven. Beside it, the Moonkin festivals also take place in this area.

Getting there 

Well, the biggest concern is how to get to Moonglade classic?

Although it being the safest and peaceful area, it still is hard to reach the lower level characters. To get in by foot, you must first complete the levels of Fairwood, which is at zone level 45-50 starting at Ashenvale 

The druids can easily learn to teleport themselves to moonglader at level 14.

While the Lunar Festival, One is allowed to either teleport to moonglader after finishing the quest and gets a flight path for the latter.

The 3 options to get it for Non-druid players are as following;

Option 1: Darkness

#1 How to get Moonglade through Darkness?

This is the first and the simplest way that can be used at any level. Travel to the Darkshore first and then keep moving towards the northeastern part of this zone, here the shore moves around the north of the Kalimdor continent.

Then, keep travelling the north-east past until you receive a notification that you have discovered the peanuts. When you achieve this kill yourself yes right the fastest way to get the druid kingdom is through death. When you die your soul will be transferred to a soul healer in moongalade and you can revive within. then just head to the north to Night heaven and get a flight path to get back whenever you want The method is going to be hard for Horde players, as the journey might attract the Sentinel Guard. You are recommended to take off all your gears before leaving to avoid heavy repair bills. 

Option 2: Timbermaw Hold  

#2 How to get Moonglade through Timbermaw Hold?

This method is the less suicidal option of getting Moonglade will want you to pass as many levels to travel and fight in Felwood. To start you will have to find Timbermaw present in northern Felwood. And complete the mission by killing Deadwood Furlongs till they become friendly to you and that’s how you can enter timberm. Once you have got it simply taking it within the tunnel. The tunnel is connected to Moonglades, and when you reach a small jog or ride to Nightheaven. Here you can take a flight path to the area. 

Option 3: The super boring method to wait

#3 How to get Moonglade through waiting for Lunar festival?

 You can wait simply for the lunar festival that happens once a year. At the festival time, all players can easily teleport to Moonglades free of cost at. 

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