How to fix a flat Car Tire? 7 Easy Steps

Fix a flat car tire: A car tire can go flat unexpectedly, no matter how good you take care of it. Further, a worse situation can occur when you are in a remote location such as a place with no network or nearby garage. To deal with such circumstances, fixing a flat tire by own self is the only immediate solution. But, how to fix a flat car tire? Here’s all you need to do.

Step by step process to fix a flat car tire

Before digging deep into the process of fixing a flat tire, the following are the signs to help you determine that your car tire went flat.

  • Shaking/wobbling of car steering in your hands
  • Thumping vibrations and sounds when a car wheel rotates along the road

In either case, you need to follow the below-given procedure to fix the flat.

Step 1: Take your tire-repair kit out of the car

To help solve this unavoidable problem, always keep a tire repair kit in your car. First of all, take out the necessary tools from the repair kit. For instance, a typical tire repair kit consists of an inflated spare tire, jack, lug wrench, and the car’s owner’s manual.

Step 2: Finding the flat car tire and locating the puncture

Next, locate the position of puncture in the flat tire. More often than not, a pointed object is the cause of it. Additionally, these objects are visible on the surface of the tire. Once located, place bricks, pieces of wood, or any heavy object on both the front and rear side of the punctured tire to avoid forward rolling of the car.

Step 3: Take spare tire and jack in place

Afterward, use your owner’s manual to locate the position of the jack and spare tire. Always follow the instructions written in the manual to place the jack in an accurate position. After placing the jack, it’s time to jack up the car.

Step 4: Jack up the car to fix flat car tire

Next step, apply the force, not too much, to jack your car up while keeping the pressure on the ground. Also, make sure not to jack up your car entirely. Moreover, if there are any hubcaps, remove them to access your lug nuts.

Step 5: Loosen lug nuts with wrench

To loosen lug nuts, you need to use a lug wrench. For this purpose, turn the lug wrench in the anticlockwise direction. By doing so, you can easily remove the flat tire.

Step 6: Take off the flat car tire

After making sure the jack is stable in position, take off the flat tire by jacking up the car. In this case, jack up eases the process of removing the tire with little to no effort.

Step 7: Put in an inflated spare tire

In place of a flat tire, position an inflated spare tire. Then, use a lug wrench to tighten up the lug nuts. In contrast to loosening the nuts, turn the lug wrench in a clockwise direction during the step of tightening up the nuts. After careful lug nuts tightening, you are good to go with your new car’s tire.

What’s next after you fix a flat car tire?

First off, double-check the newly installed spare tire before driving further. Secondly, keep on examining the inflated tire after every fifteen to twenty minutes of driving. Thirdly, go to a car mechanic after getting home to avoid future car’s flat tire problems. Besides, car tire fixing is a necessary skill to learn to cope with such a troublesome situation.

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