How to Find Your Direction of Travel Using Google Maps

Google Maps is an easy way to find your destination, to discover nearby restaurants, and to explore places you’ve never been to before. Google Maps stands out from most of its competitor apps thanks to its easy-to-use interface, awesome navigation features, and because it’s free to use. But there are also a few features of this app that you are not so familiar with.

Google has added a lot of features in recent years with the help of which you can share your location with your loved ones, save the places that are your favorite, get personalized travel recommendations, and more! Google Maps also has some other helpful features that not many people are aware of. These include incognito mode, live view, saving your favorite places, or real-time sharing of your location.

Google Maps is great for getting directions. But you will need to improvise if you are off-road and can’t find your way home. Thankfully, if you get lost, you can use Google Maps to find your travel directions. Well, here’s how.

This will work only if your Android or iPhone device has a magnetometer that can use the Earth’s magnetic field to find your direction of travel. Most (if not all) modern Android devices, like all the latest iPhones, have a magnetometer installed.

Find your Direction using Google Maps

Using the Google Maps map view, you can easily find your travel directions. Whether you own an iPhone or an Android device, these instructions will work. But you might want to calibrate your compass first to ensure that your direction is as accurate as possible.

In the compass icon, the red symbol is pointed north, while the grey symbol is pointed south. Your icon with the blue beam will show your current travel direction.

The current direction of travel is approximately east in the example above, as north points to the right-hand side. You can then move in the right direction using the compass icon as a guide. Whether it’s north, south, east, or west.

Finding the North Direction Using Google Maps

You can tap the compass icon instead of manually moving your map to a certain direction to automatically point the map view at your current location to the north and south.

This means that you’re heading north as long as your blue icon has a beam that points upwards. You’re heading south if it’s pointing downwards, etc. To do this, in the top-right corner of the Google Maps map view, tap the compass icon.

Your position on the map will move, updating the icon to indicate that you are pointing north.

The compass icon will disappear from the view of the map after a few seconds. It will only reappear if you manually move the map, showing the correct position to help you navigate north and south.

With the map view calibrated to the north, you can then use your blue beam icon to help you change direction. You’re heading north as long as the beam is pointing upwards.

If your blue beam icon, for example, points to the right-hand side, then you’re heading east. The compass will reappear if you need to change the map view manually, allowing you to keep track of your direction of travel.

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