How to Enable and Use Vertical Tabs in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, whose code name is ‘Spartan,’ is the newest Internet browser from Microsoft that was launched to replace Internet Explorer. Microsoft introduced the new browser with Windows 10. With Windows 10, the Edge browser comes pre-installed.

January 2020 saw the introduction of a new update of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser. The latest edition is thinner and has a better performance compared to the original Edge browser. It has similar functionality and menu options to Chrome, although it is based on Chromium, like the Google Chrome browser. It is also available for use on PCs running Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.

Microsoft Edge now has vertical tabs, which, on new widescreen screens, can be a wonderful weapon. Here’s how to get a sidebar vertical tab in the Microsoft Edge edition based on Chromium.

This functionality was not yet included in the stable Microsoft Edge update as of November 9, 2020. It was available for Microsoft Edge in the insecure Dev and Canary models. Later in 2020 or early 2021 vertical tabs will definitely make it to the stable variant of Edge. Perhaps as Edge 88 launches on the secure channel around January 19, 2021,

How to enable Vertical Tabs on Microsoft Edge

You can enable or disable the vertical tab sidebar in Settings. But only if you’re using a version of Microsoft Edge that has this functionality. To use it, press Menu > Edge Settings.

Click Menu > Edge Settings

After entering the Settings screen, click on “Appearance”. You’ll find it on the left-hand sidebar. Under the Customize toolbar, ensure that the feature “Display vertical tabs icon” is allowed.

You can also hide the vertical tabs button on your toolbar. If you don’t like the vertical tabs function, simply disable the option.

How to Show or Hide the Edge Tab Sidebar

Click the “Turn on Vertical Tabs” button on the left side of the Edge Tab Bar. This way, you ca access the vertical tab sidebar. 

You can see a sidebar tab on the left side of the page. By default, tiny icons are shown representing each tab you open, using the favicon or the web page you open.

Click over the left sidebar to enter the tabs. It will appear above the main page that you have accessed, showing you the title of each page. It works like the standard horizontal tab bar. Plus it allows you to swap between tabs, close open tabs, and open new tabs.

Click on the ‘Pin pane’ button in the upper right corner of the tab panel if you like this view. But only do it if you have a spare screen space. The tab will still show on the screen unless you unpin it.

Click the “Switch off vertical tabs” button in the top left corner of the tab sidebar. This helps you to go back to the horizontal tab bar at any moment in time.

In the latest Microsoft Edge, this is only one more new feature separating it from Google Chrome. Under the hood, the plugins can be the same, but Microsoft is introducing functionality that Chrome hasn’t.

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