How to do backpacking first time

Well, if you are a person who loves to have some adventure in life. Then you might know about backpacking, but if you are going outside for the first time, then you might be worried about backpacking. In both cases, one needs guidance for backpacking, and this article will help you a lot.

Backpacking Essentials 

  • A knife for your survival
  • A blanket
  • Sleeping pads
  • First aid kit
  • Tent or any kind of shelter
  • Proper clothing
  • Suitable shoes
  • Extra batteries
  • Food for survival
  • Lamps

All these things are vital for an outside trip. The knife will act as a multipurpose tool. The blanket is necessary to provide you a warmer atmosphere where needed. Without first aid, one cannot even imagine having an adventure. Clothing and suitable shoes can assist you during hiking. Extra batteries and lamps are useful because you will need light at night time, and batteries will relax your mind from the energy problems.

Plan your backpacking

As we all know, we should be ready for the future. If your plan is to go outside, start making a list of things you will need in your trip many days earlier. In this way, you will cover every single aspect of your requirement. Creating a list of necessary tools and things is also recommendable.

Packing of gear

Packing of gear should also be done very wisely and by keeping in mind all your stuff. Things like blanket tent and cloths should be packed at the bottom of the bag, and all the tools you will need during your hiking should be reachable immediately to your hands. Try to make your gear a balancing one to be comfortable while lifting on the shoulders.

Your life-saving jacket and first aid box should be placed at the top of the gear. Food and other eating material keep at the bottom and distribute their weight accordingly.

Don’t try to bring any kind of snacks with you unless you have any health issues. Otherwise, it will create a distraction while hiking.

Go for a trial

Before going to your final destination of adventure, you have to take a trial of one day. In that, you can judge your preparations and also you can find where the improvement is needed. If so, try to improve your gear and skills and then go to the last outdoor activity. You will know there what skills with the knife are needed and how to cook your food practically away from home. Also, you will be exposed to the circumstances you are going to face. The skill of navigation and selecting a suitable area for camping will be built up in your mind. 

Always try to find a trial spot near your home. In case of any discomfort, you can go back to your home.

These are the few measures you can take before going outside, but there are also many steps available you can find out at different platforms. So go for a healthy outdoor activity and enjoy your life.

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