How To Create Captivating Instagram Videos Easily

Instagram, a social media site, has emerged as one of the most prominent platforms for promoting video content, and it allows users to post videos in four different formats. These formats include Live, Reels, Instagram video, and Stories. With new ways to reach out to audiences and tell stories, video editors are indulging in the best practices and using the best video trimmer tools to create engaging content. However, somewhere or the other, they’re lacking the proper insight to make their Instagram video content strategy a success.

This article will help every video editor get precise details on the types of Instagram videos, the right video editing tools and the best practices to adapt, and more. So, let’s dive in.

Instagram Video

In 2021, the social media world got introduced to the Instagram video format. This format replaced the not-so-old IGTV format and combined it with in-feed video posts. You can add Instagram video posts similar to the way you post images, which is uploading videos from your photo library or by using Instagram’s in-built camera feature.

As a video editor, you must keep in mind that each video can be up to 60 minutes long. Similar to an image post, your Instagram video posts can comprise a caption, location, filter, and user and location tags. With the best video editing software and the right skills, you can post content that engages the audience via comments, likes, and shares. For longer videos, you can create 60-second previews max, so it better be good.

Instagram Reels

One of the latest Instagram video formats – Reels, is 15-30 seconds of video clips, which can
be created via Instagram’s in-built camera or uploaded via the photo library. If you’re using a
video trimmer tool , remember that reels need to be short in 9:16 vertical portrait mode.

Instagram Videos: Specifications Required

  • Video length: 3-60 seconds
  • Video file format: .MOV or .MP4 format
  • Maximum video size: 30 Mb
  • Minimum video width: 500 pixels
  • Maximum frame rate: 30 fps

You must use the best video editing tool to create and upload the highest resolution video that adheres to the file size and ratio limit requirement. Also, Instagram recommends posting videos with H.264 compression. The fixed frame rate, stereo AAC audio compression, progressive scan, and square pixels should be at 128 kbps+.

Creating Attractive Instagram Videos: Best Practices

Although every Instagram video format is distinctive, these practices can help you get success in all of them.

Create Videos For Mobile

It’s imperative to know that most people use their smartphones to watch Instagram videos, and it means that you should focus on making videos in a vertical orientation. People who use the selfie mode or portrait mode to record videos on Instagram won’t get much engagement. However, there could be exceptions too. It’s advisable to use a video trimmer tool for creating horizontal videos if you plan to make longer content. Your audience can tilt their smartphones sideways to watch the video on full-screen. Without the tilt effect, you can also upload the landscape videos on Stories and in-feed.

Start With Maximum Engagement

On average, you get only three seconds to stop your audience from scrolling past your video content. This is why the first few seconds of your Instagram video play a key role in audience engagement. They need a good reason to stop scrolling and watch your content. Whether you edit video teasers with suspense or mesmerising visuals, you need to think of a creative way to enable instant appeal. Also, don’t forget that captions play a key role in engagement too. If the video visuals don’t get engagement, your caption may do.

Give Some Kind of Value

If you want to retain the audience’s attention, you need to give them some sort of value. Your video could have an entertainment value with elements like fascinating conversations, comic relief, or your charming personality. You can also convey how-to’s and workshops, tips and tricks, and exciting information.

You must keep a simple value proposition through your videos. You must give in-depth thought into what value your video will give your audience. Whatever value proposition you decide, it must be transparent and comprehensible to viewers upfront. You’ll get more engagement, views, and shares if you stick to this practice.

Add Sound and Captions

As per the stats reported by Instagram, about 60% of people watch Instagram video stories and video posts with sound on. But, commonly, there are several reasons why the audience may engage with your videos with sound off, including hearing impairments and context. It’s best to use captions to make your videos more accessible and add sound effects to improve the experience of watching. If you’re using a video trimmer tool, then it’s all good for adding captions to your video contents.

Cross-Promote Your Instagram Videos

There are numerous ways to boost the visibility of your Instagram videos. For instance, you can use trending hashtags, tag relevant accounts, and geotags. You can always add popular stickers to your Instagram Stories or incorporate some ad dollars. After checking all these things, you must plan to cross-promote your videos. After posting, share your videos on Instagram stories and ask your friends or colleagues to do the same. You can also pin the videos on Pinterest. Apart from a significant increase in views, it will also drive more engagement on other platforms.

Final Words

So, from this comprehensive guide, you must have got a proper understanding of the best practices and the best video editing tools to create engaging Instagram video content. With the best knowledge, insight, and skills, you can become a pro at video editing in no time. However, it’s advisable to know the platform well before creating and sharing content on it.

So, armed with details on the video specs and audience preference on Instagram, it must be now easier for you to create more engaging videos here. So, get the best video trimmer tool and start making videos.

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