How To Charge Laptops Manually |best guide -2021

Charge laptops manually:

Laptops have replaced our conventional computers for they are far more convenient to be used while traveling. You can take them anywhere in any place with you without hesitation as they are light in weight and easy to carry. They can save you time and keep you busy while traveling in an airplane or car. But what about long trips where the battery needs to be recharged. No, no, don’t cancel, taking them with you because of the fear of recharging. It’s impossible to bring a lot of batteries with you, so drop this plan.

Are you still stressed about how to charge the laptop battery manually? The modern world has changed the concept of everything in a positive way. So let’s find some positivity around us too. There are many ways by which you can charge your laptop battery without a charger. In our article, you will read many methods of recharging a laptop battery manually without a charger.

What is a universal charger?

One of the easiest ways is to do it with a universal charger. When someone asks you how to charge your battery externally, tell them about the external chargers without any doubts. It comes with multiple tips, so it’s easy to find one that fits in your charging port. It allows you to recharge the battery without any wire plug in the problem. Moreover, you can charge multiple batteries with one charger, so no mess of taking a lot of stuff with you on holidays.

Solar kit charger for charging your laptop battery manually:

One of the modern and eco-friendly ways of charging your laptop manually is the solar chargers. The heat energy of the sun is converted into electrical energy. The rule of thumb for solar kits is if you can charge it with a USB cable, you can charge it with solar kits. Modern solar kits are designed lightweight and compact to carry it in a bag easily. So a big yes for solar kit chargers, especially when you are in a good weather place.

AC adaptors for charging your laptop battery manually:

If your laptop has an AC adaptor hook up, which nowadays is common in laptops, you need to attach this hook with an AC adaptor, and here you will see your battery charging smoothly without any trouble. But don’t worry if your system does not have it; go to the nearest shop and get one connector, and you are good to go.

Super laptops battery for charging the battery without chargers:

Imagine your battery running out of energy, and you do not have a charger. You will worry about how to charge your battery without any charger. Super battery will work wonder at this time for 7-8 hours of continuous working. What simply you need to do is replace your dead battery with a super battery.

How to charge a laptop battery manually with a USB:

Many laptops now have USB port type C and have plugin adaptors to charge manually without a charger. You have to plug one port in port C and the other into the laptop. But it would be hard if you don’t have such a port in your laptop as ordering one port C would be as difficult as ordering a new laptop. Some HP power Hubs come with a USP C port and SD cards for this purpose as well.

Summing Up:

All the above-mentioned methods will help you know how to charge the laptops manually or externally. It would help if you still took good care of your laptop batteries, considering them the most sensitive part of your laptops. There are so many alternative ways to charge your laptop, but caring for it should be your priority. So, always try to use the original charger to increase battery life; other methods should only be used when badly needed.

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