How much juice in one orange/Types and varieties of citrus fruits/nutrition

Oranges are the best fruit of winter season ever. Some people just start their days after drinking fresh orange juice. Source of vitamin C. From its seed to a pulp, this fruit helps us in many ways. Citrus fruits are the pack of vitamins, minerals and plant compounds. These keep the body healthy and skin fresh. Provide soluble fibre that reduces your cholesterol level and make your body fit and young. These citrus juice like orange juice not only reduce heart disease but also reduce gall stones.

Name of citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are not looking fresh but also gives juicy, yummy and tasty juice full of nutrients. In Pakistan mostly orange is preferred for the juice in winter than other citrus.

  • Oranges: Cara cara, Blood orange, Naval orange and Valencia
  • Limes
  • Lemons
  • Grapefruits
  • Mandarins

from the farm to the orange juice pack

Commercial juice and fresh juice there is a lot of difference like in texture, in colour and inconsistency. In the market, juices are not prepared directly. There is a very big process behind it. From pulping techniques to storing techniques, steps are under consideration. Oil, oxygen removed. The high amount of sugar, artificial flavours, aroma and chemicals mixed. Sometimes removal of oxygen damages the Vitamin C availability. Frozen pulp reduces the water quantity in market juice packs. Supermarket juices are not full nutritious in the drink som questions related to this article. http://Is orange juice that you can buy in the supermarket healthy?

Orange and its different varieties

Different varieties of oranges give different level and consistency of orange pulp. Valencia oranges have 1/3 glass of juice while other naval oranges fill 1/4 cup of orange juice. In the supermarket, juices had 27% less folate and 15% less vitamin C. Pasteurization decreases the antioxidant activity.

Fruit juice isn’t as healthy as whole fruit

Many persons like to eat a whole fruit then drink their juice. Like a carrot, many people like to eat it as raw then cutting and extract the juice. It takes a lot of time to extract the juice. Juice has more sugar and less fibre than whole fruit. Some tips and tricks whether you should eat a whole fruit or drink its juice.

Whole fruit contains fibre, nutrients and minerals. It is an enriched food product. For example: in lime three parts we considered.

  1. seeds
  2. leftover lime peel
  3. lime slices

These all three components are in use, but we waste it. Lets take a little ride into it:

Leftover Lime peel– we can transform it into powder and then add in beauty products. Also, make essential oils from it. Also, we citrus powder in medicines, furniture polish, dishwasher booster. Some chefs use powders for decorations.

Seeds– use in medicines. For cultivation.

Lime slice– Use in extracting juice. Give fibre to the body. less in sugar and also provide fructose which easily absorbed in the bloodstream and provide energy to the body and make heart clean.

Citrus fruits are juicy and fresh in a look that your just one bite squeeze and extract juice from it. Easy in the extraction and easy to drink.

How many oranges are needed to take 1 cup of glass?

Lime Juice

For mint margarita mostly use lime or lime extract. This juice bitter in taste and sets well while in chilled form.

8 limes extract 2 table spoon of juice. For 1/2 or 1/3 cup filled with with 4-5 limes.


Grapefruit is the juiciest and colorful fruit in citrus family. It has 3/4 cup of juice or 12 tablespoons.


Three oranges give 1 cup of orange juice. In the orange world, varieties of oranges give different litres or cups of juices. Also 2 medium size oranges extract 8-10 tablespoon of juicy orange.


Lemon juice is especially used in summer drinks. In Pakistan, summer drink lemon juice called in Urdu: shakajvei. This drink is love for every one child to old age person in Pakistan. Also for some seasoning mostly on spicy chicken dishes, we use lemon use. 1 lemon squeezes 3 tablespoons of use.

Methods for Juicing Citrus Fruits

There are also some great tips and methods for squeezing juice from citrus. Proper handling should be a consideration. Now easy and useable machines are in the market. Easy to use and easy to handle.

Hand machine, this machine is very easy is usage. You can squeeze juice at home at any time without any restrictions. Just cut the fruit in two halves and then squeeze round and round over it with your hand. The seeds are leftover and all the juice extracted. Fill your glass with a full fresh juice and enjoy your day.

This machine available in different sizes.

This juicer is now in demand. This juicer not only squeezes the juice out but also collects the reside in the second compartment. Without your hand help, you put your all orange, lime or carrot slices in it and then all the work done by the machine. This juicer squeezes completely the fruit and filled your glass. All type of juicy vegetables and fruits are used.

All the details of the juicer are listed here

Bottom line

The major fibre like cellulose, pectin, hemicellulose and lignin are also present in orange fruit. This fibre content help in the digestive properties especially solves gut problems.

Source of Antioxidant, flavonoids and carotenoids properties are packed in it.

Fresh and bright oranges are bet for juice. Whole citrus fruits are better than their juice.

We can use citrus fruits like lime, lemon or oranges are used for seasoning on spicy chicken and for mint margarita.

Tangerines and oranges are two different types but belong to the same class. Oranges are rich in fibre, lower caloric content and water level. But tangerines are higher in vitamin A.

These enriches fruits provide shield against harmful diseases.

Recipes of orange juice

In winters, you need pure and freshing juice then lets make it up.


3 big fresh oranges

1 small lemon

black salt

white salt

Carrots or beetroot ( as per required)


First cut the oranges into two halves.

Also cut carrots or beetroot into small pieces.

Then use hand blender or juicer for extracting juice.

After that you will required a classy glass for filling juice.

Now add 2 03 drops of lemon juice for taste.

Also if you want more taste then add black salt or white salt.

Now enjoy your drink and have fun.

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