How long do helium balloons last?

Are you planning for an upcoming event? If yes, then you may think of helium balloons. Helium balloons are an essential part of event decoration, but we all want those balloons that last long.

After doing extensive research, we found that “how long do helium balloons last” depends on many factors. These factors include temperature, shape, size, and type of balloons.

How long do helium balloons last?

The simple answer is that latex balloons last for 6-8 hours after inflation, while foil (Mylar) balloons last for 2-3 days or even more, depending on their sizes and shapes.

Generally, latex balloons are porous while foil balloons are less porous.

How to make latex helium balloons last longer?

Hi-float is a liquid that increases the float time of helium balloons. When we add the hi-float solution to latex balloons, it dries up on the inner sides and holds helium. In this way, latex balloons last longer than an average time of 6-8 hours.

Can we apply hi-float treatment to foil balloons?

No, foil balloons are less porous and less buoyant because of large size, so hi-float treatment will reduce their floating height. If you want to apply hi-float treatment then go for latex balloons of size 18″.

Can helium balloons last overnight?

Place the balloons in a dark and constant chilled environment at night. Placing them in dark can slow the process of osmosis or helium leakage. In this way, helium balloons can last overnight, but use foil balloons rather than latex, if you want to inflate them a night before the event.

Factors on which helium balloons lasting time depends:

Temperature, quality, type, shape, and size of balloons are the factors on which balloons lasting time depends.


In hot weather, helium balloons burst because of the high average kinetic energy of helium molecules. On the other hand, in cold conditions, the balloons droop because the average kinetic energy of the molecules decreases.

Balloons transport bag:

Do not put the balloons in the transport bag for too long. Putting them in the bag can reduce their average floating time and your balloons may not last long enough for a whole event.

Pro Tip:

Take the balloons out of the bag as soon as you reach the venue.

Type of balloons (Latex vs Mylar/foil):

Foil balloons last for 5-7 days or even weeks but latex balloons last for 12-20 hours without treatment with hi-float. When you treat latex balloons with hi-float liquid, they can last up to 2-3 days.

Size and shape of balloons:

A large sized and more rounded balloon can last longer than a small sized or less rounded helium balloon.

Do helium balloons last in the heat/cold?

Helium balloons burst in heat as the gas expands in heat because of the increased average kinetic energy of the molecules. In cold, these balloons shrink because molecules lose their kinetic energy which results in less collision between molecules and with the sides of balloons.  As a result, balloons get shrunk but not deflate.

Do helium balloons pop in the sun?

Usually, helium balloons do not pop under the sun but rather the average kinetic movement among the gas molecules increases. As mentioned above, because of high solar energy, the gas expands and balloons burst in the air.

How to keep helium balloons from deflating?

Spraying a little hairspray prevents the gas from escaping out of balloons. Moreover, store the balloons in a plastic bag, which will keep them away from deflating.

How to make helium balloons last longer?

  1. Use foil/Mylar balloons instead of latex balloons.
  2. Purchase large sized balloons over small-sized balloons.
  3. Choose good quality balloons that last longer than low-quality balloons.
  4. Seal the balloons tightly to slow down the gas leakage process.
  5. Use the hi-float liquid solution for latex balloons to increase the lasting time.
  6. In hot conditions, inflate the balloons less than normal, so the expansion of the gas molecules may not cause bursting of the balloons.
  7. Try to inflate the balloons 1-2 hours before the event so that the balloons last long enough to cover the whole event.

FAQs related to how long do helium balloons last?

How long can helium last in the tank?

No matter how long you keep helium in the tank, it will not degrade or leak out of the tank. Always use a tight and non-leak able tank to keep helium.

How many balloons can be filled from a helium tank?

Almost, an average of 30 latex (9″ each), 16 latex (11″ each), and 16 foil balloons (18″ each) can be filled from a tank.


Latex balloons can last up to 8-12 hours without hi-float and 12-24 hours or more by treating with hi-float liquid. On the other hand, Mylar balloons can last for 5-7 days or even months depending upon the quality. To sum up, the whole discussion, if you have a long event stretching beyond one-day duration, then go with foil balloons. Even if you use latex balloons, then go for high quality, treated with hi-float liquid and large-sized balloons for the event. Inflate the balloons right before the event to avoid any partial drooping or deflation.

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