Have a cup of tea! 3 P.M-6 P.M

The origin of afternoon tea is from the nineteenth century by a lady Anna in the time of Queen Victoria. She would really get hungry before dinner time, which was usually served at 9:00 PM in England. She introduced the concept of afternoon tea with some bread or cookie.

There are many kinds of afternoon tea, like afternoon tea, cream tea, royal tea, and high tea. Do not confuse hi-tea with afternoon tea. The difference is that afternoon tea consists of sandwiches, scones, desserts, and tea, usually served at the coffee table.

Hi -tea is usually expensive. It consists of meats dishes,  desserts, fruits, sandwiches cookies, and it is served usually served around 6 P.M. The cream tea is the simplest of them all. It is just the scones, the clotted cream, the jam, and tea. Royal tea is a perfect one. It is the one with a glass of champagne. 

The tradition of having afternoon tea can be experienced at Royal Ascot and polo matches. Readers, you must know that you need to wear smart casual for afternoon tea, no formal dress, no yoga pants, no ripped jeans.

When we talk about tea, you must know that black tea is a fermented one, oolong, which is a partially fermented tea; green tea is not fermented at all and white tea, which is the rarest of them all and somewhere between oolong and green tea.

In afternoon tea, you expect a three tired rack. On the bottom, you have sandwiches; on a second, you would have scones, clotted cream, and on the third, you would have the desserts or cookies, no cupcakes. When it comes to crockery, you will have a fork and a knife, a small plate, a cup with a saucer and little teaspoon, a tea strainer, a teapot with tea, cold milk in a milk pot with sugar or sugar tongs. 

For your information, I would like to tell you here that scone is a bread served with clotted cream and jam. The important item of an afternoon tea is a napkin; you would place the napkin on your lap fold it in half. If you are done with your afternoon tea, you fold the napkin in two and place it on your coffee table’s left side. 

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