Every outfit counts!!!

“I have nothing to wear !” Becky said with a heartbroken look on her face to her mother. This is the story of all of us, so we all can relate to this situation and this feeling when we always feel an urge to buy new clothes while ignoring our old outfits hanging in our cupboards.

When you have a lot of T-shirts and jeans but you don’t want to repeat them my advice is to add a cool belt as this kind of belts help your outfit so much, and you could have a very well put together outfit that is chic and cute and all that fun stuff. Belts also help to cinch your waist up a little more and give you more of a figure, so with just one simple accessory, you look slim and trendy; so guys, next time, whenever you go for some quick shopping, don’t forget to grab some funky belt.

Cuffing your pants and jeans is also a trendy thing most people know about, but not many people do. Cuffing your jeans and shirts gives a cute retro vibe, and your body looks fitted.

I always notice that when I am not doing overthinking, my outfit always looks good. Guys! Denim never goes out of style, and wearing sneakers with them adds many styles, and I am sure you all have these basic outfits in your wardrobe. You need to mix-match them and wear them with an “ I am looking the best !” look on your face, trust me! People will definitely notice you when you are confident about whatever you are wearing.
Overalls are also a lot of fun to wear, so with a sweater or a super comfy shirt, you can wear an overall with it.

Big shoot out to Instagram and Pinterest, which keep all of us updated and always guide us to try different DIY tricks; for example, one famous trick is to paint your retro jeans or any Denim jacket or shirt as my dear readers! In creativity, the sky is the limit!

So Guys! “ Do not look down upon your old stuff!”In fact, that stuff is allowing you to apply your creativity on those items, especially on your jeans and shoes and when it comes to different types of belts, honestly speaking, these trendy belts and painted sneakers can be your style saviour.

Huma Arshad

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