Dragon of Midgard a Playable game on the Ethereum and Solana Blockchain


Dragons of Midgard is the most popular addition to the NFT
gaming world with the exclusive option to win along with in-game
features. Dragons in the game are the NFTs that any user can
purchase during the Mint Period, which begins on October 15, 2021

Dragons allow users to participate in 3v3 battles across
various arenas and be rewarded with exciting benefits. Solana’s
introduction to the game will open up the dragon exchange on
Solsea and NCU Marketplace, and spawn a whole new concept
of the cryptocurrency collector’s game


What sets us apart from all other activities is the delicacy of using
Ethereum (5,000 total) and Solana (5,000 total) tokens at your
disposal. NFT, breeding and possible conversion of Ethereum
fees will allow users to use it with their conscience. The draw
starts at 0.06ETH. However, the Solana token will allow users to
enter a completely new market for others. The introduction of
Solana purchased dragons will cost 3 soles. The wallets used for
games will be extensions, Phantom Wallets for Sol, and
Metamask for ETH

Play to Earn Game

The purpose of introducing NFT into the game was to allow users
to own the characters they use in the game. The user will select 3
dragons from their collection, for a battle that will not change once
accepted. The user will have the option to select his preferred
battlefield for the battle. Other players will be waiting in their
respective arena lobbies and the battle will be arranged
automatically according to the battle phase. The 3v3 battle will
start after the two users fight. The user will have certain skills at
their disposal and once one of the users has eliminated all three
dragons, the fight will be over. After the battle is over, the winner
will receive SOUL tokens and certain benefits.


The realm of Midgard spans over a huge region wherein every
unique surrounding may be encountered. The eight primary
regions of Midgard are proven withinside the image below


The dragons in the game have several different abilities according
to their dragon class. Dragons usually have 3 abilities that can be
used at any time during a fight and only once during a fight.
Consuming this skill deducts 10 intelligence points from the
intelligence stat for the game. Dragons like Rare, Ultra Rare, and
Intelligence types require 5 intelligence points per skill use. The
dragons can also have 4 or 6 abilities at their disposal which gives
them various attack possibilities.

$SOULS Token

Players will be able to gain $SOULS Tokens by competing on the
battlefield with other users. $SOULS Tokens can be used to
purchase in-game items and unlock new features. The token will
be available on the exchange. When the NFT is minted, the
owner will receive 1000 SOUL tokens as a bonus. This token can
be used for mutation and reproductive purposes.

Dragon Classes

The dragons each have their area where they reside and often
might coincide with the areas of other dragons, giving rise to
conflicts between the monstrous creatures. Some of the dragon
classes are mentioned below.

Fire Dragons

This dragon lives in the western part of Midgard. The area is
Mystique Hollow, connected by caves and tunnels where the
heart of the mountain is located. This dragon is capable of spitting
smoldering fire towards its enemies.

Lava Dragon

Hailing from the Rocky Mountains in the southwest Forest, one of
the magma agents, the Lava Dragon, is the one blessed by the
power of Lava. Spit out pure fiery lava on command.

Ice Dragon

Established in the northwest of the Enchanted Forest in the
Tundra Mountains is the specimen known as the Ice Dragon. This
creature is an ice controller and skilled enough to release a breath
of ice that freezes opponents in a coffin.

Ice Fire Dragon

Occupying the northern region of Midgard is a land of ice which is
also known as the Icy Domain. This area is the home of the Ice
Fire Dragon. Its pure white outer skin gives this dragon the ability
to blend into the background. This ability allows the snow dragon
to launch surprise attacks like the Ice Fire Cannon.

Aquatic Dragon

Growing in the Midgard ocean are water dragons. The king of the
Citcrean ocean was able to control the water to attack enemies
within range and drown them. These snake lookalikes are the
strongest in the water.

Venom Dragon

Everyone’s enemy and no one’s allies. Such is the image of a
venomous dragon that finds its lair in the middle of the Desert
Ranth, also known as the Witch’s Sanctuary. The deadly poison
dragon is the only obstacle to the desert as its choice of weapons
is lethal to every other creature.

Magical Dragon

On the northern edge of the Shire reside magical dragons.
Dragons can use their experience in magic to manipulate
enemies and push them to elimination. Magical dragons are
artists of illusion magic and subtle spells that inflict far greater
damage than is felt.

Infected Dragon

The northwestern part of the county was tainted with the undead.
The radiation level in that place provides the perfect habitat for
infected dragons or in other words zombie dragons. The lack of
brains and feelings gives this dragon the perfect combination of
toughness and defense that other dragons don’t easily break.

Poisonous Dragon

Poisonous dragons are deadly predators that overwhelm enemies
with the use of poison that inflicts deadly wounds. Poisonous
dragons are the group’s pre-eminent hunters due to their clever
use of poison.

Mythical Dragon

As the name suggests, the strangest and the scarce of all
creatures is the mythical dragon of the Enchanted Forest. People
often say that this dragon is not real and rumors have spread to
enlighten the youth. Only sages and old masters have seen this
dragon by chance.

Thunder Dragon

The ruler of Mount Argon and the bearer of lightning is the
Thunder Dragon. Rumored to have been blessed by the thunder
god Thor himself, this dragon has complete control over the
lightning strikes in the area.

Windy Dragon

Bearer of wind, master of the air, and king of speed. These were
some of the names of the Imperial Wind Dragon. The dragon is
invincible in aerial battles as its control over the wind gives it a
huge boost against any foe.

Sound Dragon

The loud demon, echoing in the enchanted forest, marks its
territory, dominating the surrounding prey. Taking control of voice
and sound, this dragon can sneak up on enemies and kill them
without even a sign of resistance. It camouflaged itself in the
forest minimizing the sound it made and continuing to aim at the
enemy and pounce on the first click of the trigger.

Mechanical Dragon

Located south of Mount Argon, endowed with human intelligence
skills and extraordinary powers, these humanoid visualization
creations are the perfect specimen. Packed with different
elemental powers, this dragon is competent enough to take on
any dragon that chooses to fight it.

Legendary Dragon

A bright and charming family, the Jewel Dragon aka the
Legendary Dragon, the epitome of every chart, calls itself the
boss. The crystal exterior provides a formidable and nearly
impenetrable defense against any kind of attack. This dragon can
be found in the mountain tundra.

Ultra Rare Dragon

Golden dragons or Ultra Rare, as the name suggests, are the
gold options for dragons. The shiny gold armor and gold surface
gave these dragons the ultimate counterweight to any ambush
they might encounter. The golden dragon has been considered by
many to be the strongest dragon in history with its wide attack
range and perfect attack/defense ratio proving to be a nuisance to
any opponent.

Dragon’s Den

The socializing area for every NFT holder. This place acts as the
neutral ground for every entity where fighting and conflicts are
prohibited. The Den is a place that contains 3 distinct parts.
 Profile
 Dragon’s Lair
 Marketplace
These places hold vital importance to the game as many of the
features are purchased here. From NFT purchase to breeding
and mutation, and all the in-game features can be accessed here.


Player information can be edited here. The profile will be visible
here with all relevant information. The profile can be viewed by
other users in an attempt to glaze over the other person’s
achievements in the game. This will pave the way for healthy and
strong competition.

Dragon’s Lair

Dragons and their history can be displayed here. NFT owners can
edit this information and add certain stories to the dragon that
distinguish it from all other dragons. Make the most of your
imagination and give various interesting eye-catching
backgrounds to your dragons.


Dragons’ Den Personal Marketplace will allow users to trade
dragons and cast dragons in their possession in an attempt to sell
to the highest bidder. The option to breed and mutate dragons will
also be entertained here.


The evolution process will allow NFT owners to upgrade
wyrmlings (base dragons) to levels 2, 3, and 4. Dragons are
required for evolution at all levels, regardless of whether it is level
2 or higher. Upgrades can be purchased and sold separately
while the Wyrmling remains with the user. Each update will be a
unique NFT. Upgrades will be available by purchasing a base
dragon at Dragon’s Den.


Two dragons will be needed for the process of mutation. These
can be evolved or base dragons. The mutation would only work
on dragons with the same level of evolution on both. The offspring
that emerged from the breeding process carry the abilities of both
parent dragons, depending on the uniqueness of their abilities.
The attributes which are rare in quantity and the power they
possess will be harder to be inherited in the offspring. Certain
distinct dragons that may own powerful but few attributes in
quantity may bore a child that will have only the strong attribute or
only the weak depending on the algorithmD

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