Dissecting Myths About Covid 19

The novel coronavirus is the main headline of every news channel, magazines, and researches for the past 10 months. This virus, also known as SARS-CoV-2, is the respiratory tract viral infection infecting minors to the elderly population; it spread from Wuhan, China, and infects almost every continent of the world, Antarctica. WHO has declared a Pandemic state in the world on March 11, 2020. The word pandemic and the outspread of this disease created havoc and unrest among all, leading to many myths and speculations regarding Coronavirus. In this blog, we’ll cover a few myths about this virus and reveal the truth about the myths.

1. Myth:Vaccine is available

No, up till now, the vaccine is not available for the public. However, many pharmaceutical companies and different countries have claimed about its discovery, but the vaccine is under clinical trials, and everyone is hoping for its prompt availability to the world.

2. Myth: Hot temperature or cold temperatures can kill the virus.

No, this virus has spread almost every country worldwide despite their temperature; countries on the poles and the equator are equally affected by this virus. There is no evidence about the effects of temperature on virus activities because human body temperature remains the same despite changing outside temperature.

3. Myth: Thermal Scanner can detect virus

No, the thermal scanner just detects the temperature of an individual. We can only predict fever and flu from that, which are the coronavirus’s signs and symptoms but can also present due to other infections rather than covid. So we can monitor signs and symptoms from thermal detect we can not detect virus; for detecting viruses, we have specialized tests available in the laboratory settings.

4. Myth: Antibiotics can cure this virus

No, antibiotics are effective against bacterial infections and they have no efficacy on killing viral infection and as l have already mentioned, the corona is a viral infection. Antibiotics will not kill the virus but taking antibiotics can cause resistance to other infections, reducing immunity, so avoid taking antibiotics.

5. Myth: 5G technology is causing coronavirus to spread

No, this virus and special root for entry in the body are the “T” zone comprising eyes, nose and mouth. Rumors speculated that this virus is spread from electromagnetic radiation emitted by the 5G technology. It is just a fake news or rivalry tactic.

6. Myth: Consuming raw Garlic can cure the virus

No, although garlic is anti-inflammatory and has other health benefits, there is no evidence about the role of garlic in curing coronavirus. The only way is prevention and hand washing.

7. Myths: Applying disinfectant and antiseptics on the body can prevent viruses from entering inside the body.

No, disinfectant and antiseptics kill surface bacteria and viruses but cannot prevent their entry. For prevention, it is necessary to avoid contact with your eyes, mouth, and nose, wear a mask and maintain 2 feet distance in-crowd and public places.

8. Myth: Act of God or human conspiracy:

No, this virus is naturally occurring, not a lab-made virus and the pandemic condition. Is not the first time in the history of the world, different pandemic outbreak before like Influenza, plaque, etc.


Stay vigilant and stop believing in myths, stay up to date, take all the precautionary measures to prevent yourself, family, and your surroundings from this preventable disease because together, we can make a difference.

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