Corona you too Brutus! A story by Huma Arshad 

Samantha woke up with a roller coaster thinking in her mind, as today she has to tell Jessica all her small fibs which Samantha was ignoring for two years but not anymore .”Now I can not act as a fly on the wall anymore !” After all, she has her own identity, which she has to show off.

After having a full mug of black coffee, which is her life surviving kit, she can compromise on any boyfriend if she would have because the coffee kicks her while boyfriends these days are more like a British tea you need it. Still, you can live without it, but you can not live without a strong black coffee. 

She saw her self in the mirror and gave her a “here I am to give Jessica a tough time of her life today’s look ” she made a ponytail of her ash-blond hair just in case the guy on the second floor comes today upstairs and maybe she drops her file and with a slight Vick she bands her self to get that file and moves her ponytail in a most harmonious manner and while doing this the guy from the second floor will give her look of admiration. “Imagination is the key to happiness!”

She entered the building and saw Eric, the guard with a mask on his face who he was making him more obnoxious than a conscious and responsible citizen who is saving himself from Corona Virus.

He landed his elbow to greet me; in return, I landed my feet as a kind gesture ” feet to feet seems more empathetic than elbowing. “He gave me a look which I can only see but can not feel as half on his face was hidden by a mask,” A blessing in disguise!”

While making strategic notes in my head, I went to the third floor where I sit and where today the most important strategic conversation will be taken place between Jessica and me as I can not act as a fly on the wall anymore.” Hey !Samantha! ” wear a mask from today .” Jessica shoot an instruction over me .” well it all started from China as effecting its neighboring countries first, so by the time it will cross the Mediterranean Sea I will definitely wear a mask .” I gave a very lame answer with full confidence as I have to win all conversations today by any means.

Peter, our floor manager, enters the office with the most exciting look as he is going to tell us about some bonus. He said while clapping his hands, “Hey everyone “! There is news for you all ” ” you all will get daily free masks, and you all are privileged to get coupons for getting free hand sanitizers from any store in London .” After completing this, he gave us a look to clap for him, which we did mechanically, and he felt overwhelmed.

My all strategic dreams to have a one to one conversation with Jessica went in vain. I started my daily routine work with a thought of a guy from the second floor that maybe one day fight with Jessica on any issue. I will support him then and there. This Corona has sabotaged my plan and delayed my future interaction with the guy on the second floor; now, I have no option except to buy a branded C@K mask to impress Jessica and to impress him as well.

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