Child Abuse Is The Crime Against Humanity

Crimes have always been committed around the world. Crimes always come from different phases. Any crime in the world is intolerable, even some of the crimes are beyond tolerance. Sometimes we humans become so sympathetic that we cry when we see a dog dying in a movie. Sometimes we become so apathetic. In fact, we don’t even feel when a kid dies in reality so often after being victimized of child abuse. Kids are the flowers of this beautiful world. It is very shameful to commit such crimes to children who are future prospect of this world.

Millions of children become victim of child abuse and get no attention. Child abuse has become more common and frequent around the world. Number of countries are suffering from this slow poison which is going to poise everyone. If it is not considered on a serious note.

Types of Child Abuse:

       Child abuse is an act to harm children in different ways. Shockingly, the most developed countries like USA, UK and Japan are unable to stop this shameful act. Countries with most child abuse cases are: Chad, Somalia and Afghanistan and subcontinent (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). These countries are unable to stop the rate of this violation. In fact, they are toping in the ranking of most child abuse cases in the world.

There are several types of child abuse but followings are most frequent:

  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse

Physical Child Abuse:

Physical abuse refers to harming a child physically including, shaking, biting, whacking, giving cigarettes burn and being violent to children. It has no specific age. Children of all age face these abuses. Some of children even speak up against physical abuse. But infants and toddlers cannot even express. They bear all the pain inside. It is harsh when such beautiful flowers of the world are slammed.

Apparently, parents are the root of this problem. Parents are the one who gets involve in physical abuse more often. Reports suggest that, the children who face physical abuse likely to become more violent. Victims of physical abuse tend to become revenge takers. The parents who involve in physical abuse are either drug addicts, poor, or mentally unstable. Which force them to release their frustration on their children by abusing them physically. Their frustration does not only make their lives difficult, stressful and violent. But also it effects their self-esteem which make them involve in this shameful act.

physical Child Abuse

Sexual Child Abuse:

Exploiting children to fulfil your sexual desire is worst act ever existed. People out their are dreadful enough to do with kids. They don’t only spoil their family image in the society. But also such acts leave kids in rages forever. It is very important to know the types of child sexual abuse. Because if we know, we will be able to anticipate and keep our children safe. Sexual abuse starts from small acts. Later on, such small acts turn out to be cancer of society. For your information, I would like to acknowledge you the acts behind abusing children sexual. Which includes:

  • By touching the private parts of children.
  • Touching children with a sexual intention and gets arouse when children around.
  • Showing children pornography and afterwards being practical with them.
  • Forcing children to participate in pornography production.

A man who involves in the action of sexual abuse with children is likely to have the disorder name “Pedophilia”. It is the mental disorder, which enables adult gets sexual arousements from children when they are around. This mental disorder forces them seek to do same with the young males and females. Around the age of 18, 12% to 25% of girls are being sexually abused. According to states, 8% to 10% of boys are also victims sexual abuse. According to studies, child abuse cases are less likely to occur from your uncle, step father or from family members. Instead, it is most likely to occur from the caretakers, unknown/outsiders and neighbors.

Sexual Child Abuse

Emotional Child Abuse:

It is becoming very often that we are more involved in abusing emotionally than other acts. Abusing children mentally means we spoil their mental health. Frequently abusing your kids could lead to serious mental disorders. It refers to the use of the words or actions that make feel children down, useless, worthless and makes a sheer psychological damage. Which includes:

  • Using harsh words towards them.
  • Underrate their quality and skills based on their grades.
  • Bullying, threatening, and frightening children all time.

 It results in low self-esteem for children and force them to think they will not be able to do anything in their life. People consider physical abuse and sexual abuse with children is very common. But emotional abuse is practiced more than any other abuse in society, even parents are one the who involve in this crime more often than the any individual. Hurting a child emotionally may not be seen from the bare eyes but it shatters them internally. In fact, it is our responsibility to look after to emotional stability in our children and make them feel stronger.

Emotional Child Abuse


Children Safety Recommendations:

     The act of Child abuse around the world which led us to think that, what are the major problem that causes such a guilty act. As a matter of fact, I observe most of the child abuse cases in all different types are because of their parents. There is a huge question mark on parents. That how they protect their children. However, there is no denying of animals out there to who are eager to quench their lusty thirst. But parents are vital in order to cope against the child abuse.

Furthermore, if we incite on the governmental level. We come to know that, number of governments around the world have failed to stop the shameful act of child abuse and also laws are not that strict for the culprits of child abuse especially in the country like Pakistan. But if each individual starts to take responsibility to protect their kids from abuse and also find people who have this Pedophilia disorder to treat their mental illness, so that it can be solved in few years. It would even be more helpful if people count on ugly and poor kids who suffer from child abuse and take responsibility for every single victim. That’s how child abuse can be vanished from the world.   


After gathering all the information and observed the scenarios. I have come up with the conclusion that child abuse is more frequent than ever and has no stopping in the world. It is most likely to end, when an individual start taking responsibility to ensure the security of the child. Those who involve in child abuse suffer from the mental disorder name “pedophilia” which is treatable. But those children who suffer from physical abuse, sexual abuse or emotional abuse are most likely to become violent. In fact, they would abuse other kids despite not having any natural mental disorder and it goes like chain. According to my observation, 90% sufferers repeat to other what they suffered.

Last but no the least, among thousand of cases, only few kids are highlighted on social media and electronic media who suffered from child abuse. Other than that, thousands of have been neglected. The reason behind neglection is “Classism”. It is pity to see dark skinned and kids from poor families are not even bothered to be highlighted. some percentage of victims are either adorable or are wealthy. Otherwise those kids that are not good looking and wealthy are neglectable in society, on whom nobody every bats an eye.

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