What is Microsoft Teams? How it works, latest features and top alternatives

What is Microsoft Teams How it works, latest features and top alternatives

Microsoft Teams is a service for teamwork and video conferencing. It allows workers to connect through text messaging, voice calls, or video conferences from anywhere. It is a persistent platform for chat-based collaboration complete with document sharing, online meetings, and many more highly useful business communications features. The free version of Microsoft Teams offers a … Read more

The world of online shopping

online shopping

Tell me when the last time you clicked on ads for online shopping? Especially during a pandemic. Groceries, books, clothes, household, and other supplies are supposed to be at our door, and it happened easily. These days, scoots have made it easier to even get a half dozen eggs to our doorstep within an hour. … Read more

How To Charge Laptops Manually |best guide -2021

How To Charge Laptops Manually

Charge laptops manually: Laptops have replaced our conventional computers for they are far more convenient to be used while traveling. You can take them anywhere in any place with you without hesitation as they are light in weight and easy to carry. They can save you time and keep you busy while traveling in an … Read more