Shaking hands with zoom classes

Shaking hands with zoom classes

Waking up daily and avoiding the computer has become my daily routine. Since this lockdown has started, my online classes have started giving me a tough time. According to college management, we all are going through a very challenging phase of our life. But according to us, only we, the students, are going through this … Read more

The world of online shopping

online shopping

Tell me when the last time you clicked on ads for online shopping? Especially during a pandemic. Groceries, books, clothes, household, and other supplies are supposed to be at our door, and it happened easily. These days, scoots have made it easier to even get a half dozen eggs to our doorstep within an hour. … Read more

Keep yourself motivated

“Bang Bang” ...” Hit the floor !”(Some useful tips to lit a spark in you )

Every day we wake up with a feeling of emptiness and hollowness; every day, we try to distract ourselves from daily responsibilities, either related to studies or daily chores. The question is how to fill this emptiness or convert this feeling into the excitement of joy and hope. Guys, I tell you honestly that it … Read more



We meet people and often do not get along with them, and sometimes we meet people and find that they are completely aligned with you. Our body is composed of cells, and the life in the body is energy. When your brain gives you the signal to switch on your good energy for someone or … Read more

Manners show your rank

Manner show your rank

In ancient times, king Bukhat Shah rule in Kharasa country. He was very pious, kind-hearted, and God-fearing. He had every luxury, but he lived a simple life. Instead of Bukhat Shah, his minister was very arrogant and grumpy. He belongs to a rich and noble family. Dilawar khan’s high lineage and wealth made him mentally … Read more