Child Abuse Is The Crime Against Humanity

Child Abuse

Crimes have always been committed around the world. Crimes always come from different phases. Any crime in the world is intolerable, even some of the crimes are beyond tolerance. Sometimes we humans become so sympathetic that we cry when we see a dog dying in a movie. Sometimes we become so apathetic. In fact, we … Read more

Food wastage at peak -2021

Food wastage

“A Nation Could Eat Off The Food We Waste”: Buy Wisely, Cook Carefully, Eat It all don’t be responsible for food wastagePakistan is a developing country with a population of 212.2 million citizens and it is ranked 6th populated country in the world. Pakistan is an agricultural country and its major exports include Agro-based products, … Read more

The rise in women entrepreneurship

The rise in women entrepreneurship

A lot of women started their ventures as entrepreneurs in Pakistan during the pandemic. It is really a big thing to be appreciated. Starting from selling home-made food and leading as a trader worldwide is a giant step for the whole of womankind. And without a doubt, they have proved themselves as equally intelligent and creative compared to the … Read more