The best business ideas: 12 Businesses you can start without money

12 Businesses you can start without money

You wish to own a business and quit working for others. But are you still in the visionary world where you think only a huge amount of capital can help you set up a start-up? Not anymore, I bring you 12 extremely successful businesses you can start without money.  These businesses are legitimate and solely … Read more

10 Best tips to survive after Pandemic

Focusing on the pandemic, many are curious to know about the best tips to survive after pandemic. Pandemic 2020 has changed the world in terms of politics, health, economy, and emotions. As we all know that the vaccine is around the corner, we all should be prepared to face the world after this, because the … Read more

Best Earning Apps for android | Top Money Making Apps 2021

Best Earning Apps for android | Top Money Making Apps 2021

In this article, you will read the best-earning apps for android. There are so many earning apps available in the google play store but I will tell you 5 best earning apps to earn money from your comfort. Top 5 Earning Apps (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 1. MiniJoy Lite The first money-making app is … Read more

WhatsApp ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature decoded: How it works?

whatsapp disappearing message

Whats app dispersing messages, a new feature decoded by whats app company. In this technology world, every digital content brings creative features like iPhone. Every year Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or iPhone changes their features. They just put their creative minds in technology and bring new filters. Today, Whats-app has introduced its new feature called ”Whatsapp … Read more

The rise in women entrepreneurship

The rise in women entrepreneurship

A lot of women started their ventures as entrepreneurs in Pakistan during the pandemic. It is really a big thing to be appreciated. Starting from selling home-made food and leading as a trader worldwide is a giant step for the whole of womankind. And without a doubt, they have proved themselves as equally intelligent and creative compared to the … Read more